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The following staff report up to the Vice-Provost of Teaching , Learning and Student Experience (TLSE) and work together towards a common vision of student success.

Note that not all VPTL units have public lists of staff members.

Vice-Provost Teaching, Learning and Student Experience

VPTL Leadership Team

Picture of  Peter Hedley

Peter Hedley Director of Student Affairs and Services

Picture of  Alison Pickrell

Alison Pickrell BA, Adv Cert, MEd Assistant Vice-Provost, Strategic Enrolment Management

Cheri Spooner Director of the Distance Education Unit

Picture of Nancy Turner

Nancy Turner Director, Teaching and Learning Enhancement

Indigenous Initiatives

Picture of  Jaz Gatin

Jaz Gatin Project Officer

Picture of  Darla Isaak

Darla Isaak Project Officer

Aboriginal Students Centre

Picture of  Rachel Fiddler

Rachel Fiddler Community Resource Coordinator, ASC

Picture of Graeme Joseph

Graeme Joseph Team Leader, First Nations, M├ętis and Inuit Student Success

Distance Education Unit

Cheryl Bell Program Assistant, Online and SPEC

Lisa Berg Program Manager

JR Dingwall Instructional Designer

Kristine Dreaver-Charles Instructional Designer

Jordan Epp Instructional Designer

Dean Evans Program Assistant, Examinations and Course Materials

Diana Hebig Program Assistant, CERTESL, PHC, Independent Studies

Jane Jickling Program Assistant, Reception and Assignments

Cindy Klassen Instructional Design Assistant

Cindy Koob Program Assistant, Prince Albert Off-Campus Program

Robb Larmer Coordinator, Instructional Technologies

Lyndon MacNeill Program Assistant, Certificates and Off-Campus Programs

Julie Maier Instructional Designer

Rita Matlock Coordinator, DEU Writing Centre

Rob Procyk Manager, Prince Albert Off-Campus Program

Coral Sawchyn Program Manager/CAUCE Manager

Cheri Spooner Director of the Distance Education Unit

Shannon Storey Academic Coordinator, CERTESL

Jill Turner Program Manager

Deanna Wolfe Program Assistant, CAUCE

Gwenna Moss Centre for Teaching and Learning

Picture of Ryan Banow

Ryan Banow Instructional Design Specialist

Picture of Nazreen Beaulieu

Nazreen Beaulieu Instructional Design Assistant

Picture of Susan Bens

Susan Bens Program and Curriculum Development Specialist

Picture of Frank  Bulk

Frank Bulk Manager, E-Learning and Innovative Programs

Picture of Stryker Calvez

Stryker Calvez Manager, Indigenous Education Initiatives

Picture of Giselle Patrick

Giselle Patrick Evaluator and Research Analyst

Picture of Rose Roberts

Rose Roberts Education Development Specialist (Indigenous Engagement and Education)

Picture of Heather Ross

Heather Ross Educational Developer (Digital Pedagogies)

Picture of Nancy Turner

Nancy Turner Director, Teaching and Learning Enhancement

Kim West Educational Development Specialist

Picture of Jesse Witow

Jesse Witow Information and Communication Assistant

International Student and Student Abroad Centre

Leslie Bowditch International Education Officer

Chantal Hanson International Education Officer

Jordan Hartshorn International Education Officer

Mirjana Mandaric International Education Officer (on leave)

Pirita Mattola Acting Manager, ISSAC

Christine Ruys Office Administrator

Zoe Zhou International Education Officer

Media Production

Terry Allington Media Technician

Joanne Crawford Post Production

Peter Downing Post Production

Wayne Giesbrecht Audio Production

Tim Kohlruss Technical Supervisor

Ryan Lalonde Media Technician

John Ogresko Media Developer

Sandra Panko Media Developer

Al Ramsay Media Technician

Adrienne Thomas Manager, Media Production

Don Warkentin Production Coordinator

Registrarial Services

Jason Doell Manager and Associate Registrar (Academic)

Melissa Kyrejto Catalogue Editor and Programs Analyst

Shirley Maruk Conference, Event and Community Level Registration

Wendy Mathieu Conference, Event and Community Level Registration

Gillian May Coordinator of Registration and Convocation

Lynette Murza Academic Programs Analyst and Special Projects

Tennise Taras Room Scheduling

Seanine Warrington Senior Editor & Coordinator, Catalogue & Academic Programs

Student Central

Tracey Baliski Student Central Officer

Jamie Fast Student Central Officer

Amber Fuentealba Student Central Officer

Vanessa Mikituk Clerical Assistant

Dave Muench Student Central Coordinator

Salome van Rensburg Manager, Student Central

Linie Varde Student Central Officer

Maury Yee Student Central Officer

Student Finance and Awards

Debbie Anderson Accounts Specialist

Alex Beldan Awards Administrator

Cheryl Ector Government Loans Officer

Sylvia Fitzgerald Finance Coordinator

Wendy Klingenberg Associate Registrar (Bursar)

Frank Kusch Awards Development Liaison, Crisis Aid Coordinator

Charla Penner Assistant

Dave Unruh Internal Compliance Officer

Student Wellness Centre

Mary Ellen Andrews Nurse Practicioner

Anne Arguin Registered Nurse

Dr. Elmarie Du Toit Physician

Picture of Lisa Ehman

Lisa Ehman Senior Admin, Health Services

Picture of Alice Geib

Alice Geib Medical Office Assistant

Gillian Halyk Registered Massage Therapist

Picture of Rita Hanoski

Rita Hanoski Health Education Coordinator

Dr. Peggy Holton Physician

Dr. Susan Hurst PhD Registered Doctoral Psychologist

Picture of Pam Komonoski

Pam Komonoski Nurse Practicioner

Ken MacLeod MTS Registered Marriage and Family Therapist

Picture of Dr. Kit Mark

Dr. Kit Mark Physician

Picture of Dr. John Matic

Dr. John Matic Senior Physician (interim)

Picture of Nick McEachern

Nick McEachern Massage Therapist

Picture of Jocelyn Orb

Jocelyn Orb Manager, Student Health Services

Terri Peterson BSW, MSW Registered Social Worker

Picture of Amy Pickering

Amy Pickering Registered Dietician

Heather Rempel Registered Nurse

Picture of Dr. Sinead Unsworth

Dr. Sinead Unsworth Psychologist

Picture of Dr. Audrey Van Zanten

Dr. Audrey Van Zanten Physician

Kathleen C. Walls M. Ed. Registered Psychologist

Shannon Weber M.A. Registered Psychologist

Diane Wiens Admin

Wendy Witzel M.Ed. Registered Psychologist

Miranda Yaworski Admin

Selina Zaluski PhD Registered Doctoral Psychologist

Student Recruitment

Brenda B. Prospective Student Services

Rachel B. Prospective Student Services