Courses and workshops

For graduate students

The following teaching courses are specifically designed for Graduate Student Teachers:

GPS 960: Introduction to Ethics and Integrity
This is a required, non-credit, web-based course that all first-year graduate students at the University of Saskatchewan must complete. The purpose of this course is to discuss ethical issues that graduate students may face during their time at the University. Topics covered include academic integrity, intellectual property, professional relationships, and research integrity.

In addition to this course, all first-year graduate students are also required to take one of the following courses based on their research specialty:  GPS 961: Ethics and Integrity in Human Research or GPS 962: Ethics and Integrity in Animal Research. Students should register for these courses through the Registration channel on PAWS.

GPS 989: Introduction to University Teaching
This course is designed for graduate students preparing to teach. Students are introduced to instructional approaches and ways to build the classroom environment that may be applied beyond the university classroom. This is a pass/fail one term course, and completion appears on the university transcript.  Students taking this course are eligible to apply for the Teaching Preparation Certification.

GPS 982: Mentored Teaching
For Ph.D. students who have received a Teacher-Scholar Doctoral Fellowship from the College of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies. This faculty-mentored program prepares graduate students to become classroom instructors (term one) with a teaching practicum in their home department (term two).

TA Success Series
The Gwenna Moss Centre for Teaching and Learning offers a selection of sessions and experiences focused on developing specific skills and knowledge relevant to roles as a Teaching Assistant (TA).

You can select and be recognized for the sessions and experiences that are most relevant to you, including experiences on marking effectively; lesson planning; facilitating labs, problem-set tutorials, or seminars; and more.

Teaching Preparation Certificate
Graduate students and post docs are eligible to register to complete the Teaching Preparation Certificate over one or more terms. Learn about preparatory teaching competencies and document your prior learning and current development with a cohort of your peers from across campus. All registrants will have developed a robust teaching portfolio as well as a teaching philosophy statement that aligns with the competencies documented in their portfolio by time the wish to apply to graduate from the certificate. The skills developed in other GMCTL teaching workshops and courses may count towards this certificate, and all competencies may have been met through GPS 989, outside of documentation and an aligned teaching philosophy statement.

To register for the Teaching Preparation Certificate, log into PAWS, then search GPS 986.
New students may register in either terms 1 or 2.

For instructors, post-docs, and graduate students

The Gwenna Moss Centre for Teaching and Learning (GMCTL) also offers a number of free, non-credit courses and workshops that cover a variety of topics related to teaching strategies, assessment and evaluation, and other key and timely aspects of teaching and learning in higher education.

These courses and workshops are offered throughout the year and are led by faculty from across campus or by members of the GMCTL team.

Professional Skills Development

Graduate student success is not limited to teaching and academic performance. Whether you have lots of time or just a little to devote to professional skills development, we have a variety of opportunities for graduate students and post-doctoral fellows to consider:

Graduate Professional Skills Certificate

Work towards completing the Graduate Professional Skills Certificate while completing your graduate degree or working as a post-doctoral fellow.

GPS 984: Thinking Critically

Register for GPS 984: Thinking Critically - Professional Skills for Global Citizens, a multi-disciplinary course that will help you develop and practice critical and reflective thinking skills.

Mitacs and other learning opportunities

Attend and reflect on your experiences with peers in MITACS and other professional skills workshops around campus.

Teaching strategies

How you can help

Graduate students with considerable teaching experience are encouraged to share their expertise at the Gwenna Moss Centre by facilitating workshops for other graduate student teachers on relevant topics such as marking, building rapport with students, or teaching in the lab.

Please contact one of the GMCTL staff members if you are interested in working with us.

Getting help

Gwenna Moss Centre for Teaching and Learning

GMCTL has a variety of programming, workshops, non-credit courses and resources for graduate students or post-doctorals who are new to teaching and who already have some experience but want to learn more.