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Frequently Offered Courses

While we provide professional development for remote teaching, most regularly occurring short courses, workshops, and extended courses are postponed until 2021. Updates for Winter 2021 will be posted during November.

On this page you will see a continued focus on Indigenization. For those short courses and workshops that are temporarily postponed, the relevant workshops currently available in Summer 2020 will be listed.


Indigenization and Indigenous Education Professional Development

Fall 2020

Contact Stryker.Calvez@usask.ca for more information

Indigenous Course (re)Design

Instructors interested in building a curriculum that is more supportive of reconciliation will work as a collaborative cohort on their course (re)design.  We will explore the concepts that support authentic engagement with Indigenization and focus on preparing students to become better contributors to an inclusive society in support of Indgienous Peoples. 

The 4 Seasons of Reconciliation online modules

These online modules are a direct response to the Calls to Action by the TRC. This online module teaches learners about the experiences of Indigenous Peoples living in Canada. In collaboration with the Library, the GMCTL will help each person to better understand the reasons for reconciliation and the ways in which Canada should move forward to achieve the calls to action. This is a great addition to any course and the GMCTL will help explore ways to connect these materials with an instructor's course.  

Land Acknowledgement Session  

Join this professional development workshop to personally understand and interpret the Land Acknowledgement in a meaningful and purposeful way. Each person will explore the history, intercultural perspectives and personal reasons for how to make this powerful statement at events, meetings or in the classroom.

Conversations About Indigenization  

Conversations About Indigenization is a series of online modules followed up by synchronous group conversations exploring four key perspectives that support Indigenization: Power & Privilege, Land Agreements, Indigenous Pedagogy, and Place and Culture. This is a cohort process where each member brings their own perspectives to share with others as we learn to better understand how we can improve our support for reconciliation.

Short Courses and Workshops

Fall 2020


  • Course Design Institute -Postponed
    See Remote Teaching Essentials sessions currently offered: Remote Course Design Boot CampDesigning Learning for Asynchronous Delivery

Assessment and Evaluation

  • Assessment Short Course -Postponed
    See Remote Teaching Essentials sessions currently offered: Assessment Decisions and Academic Integrity, Developing Application and Analysis Questions for Take Home Exams and Ideas and Tips for Written Assignments


Broadening Perspectives and Opening Dialogue

 Documenting and Growing Your Teaching Practice

Extended Courses and Certificates

  • Transforming Teaching  -Postponed.  A one-term course for "newer" faculty members who are interested in exploring, with their peers, the principles, skills, and issues in higher education teaching.

  • Course Innovation Community  -ONGOING.  The next program and application deadline will be announced January 2021.  A carefully designed course for selected applicants to actively participate in a cohort of their peers to progress together. They will also receive $3,000 in funding that will be transferred to their home unit.

  • Certificate in University Teaching and Learning  -ONGOING.  Those interested in the structure of this competency-based program may book a preliminary consultation with Wenona Partridge. Participants will be introduced to a variety of teaching strategies, planning approaches, assessment ideas, and reflective practice techniques.

Graduate students and postdoctoral fellows

Most of the courses and workshops listed on this page are offered to graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, but the GMCTL also offers workshops, non-credit courses and resources specifically for graduate students and postdocs.

Support and Information

Contact the Gwenna Moss Centre for Teaching and Learning for more details about events, courses and workshops.