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Registration for all IT Training sessions (Canvas, Panopto, Teams, Zoom, etc.) can be found through the Training and Development channel in PAWS.


Annual and bi-annual events offered by the GMCTL

GMCTL Fortnight - AUG 21-30 2023

The GMCTL Fall Fortnight is two weeks of exciting ideas about teaching, courses, and programs. Fortnight sessions vary in style, length, and scope - there is something for everyone! See the Fortnight webpage for the schedule. This event is held each August.

TA Success Days - SEPT 12-14

This event offers short workshops to graduate students in a Teaching Assistant role at USask. These focused sessions support development of specific skills and knowledge relevant to the TA role

This event is part of our TA Success Series, and is typically held over 2-3 days, bi-annually, early September and January. 

Short Courses and Workshops

The Gwenna Moss Centre for Teaching and Learning offers a variety of short courses and workshops to support USask instructors.

The list below shows the topics and session names for Fall 2023. Check our registration system for a list of events.

*Sessions and short courses are held in-person unless specifically stated in the registration details.


  • Creating Your Course Syllabus
  • Designing Courses for Inclusivity using Universal Design for Learning
  • Finding and Using Open Educational Resources
  • Providing Choice and Voice: To, by, for, with students 
  • Selecting Course Content to Align with Outcomes and Avoid Overwhelm
  • Strategies for Promoting Equity in the Classroom
  • Setting Up Group Work
  • The Science of Learning: Wellness Integration and Course Design for Academic Success
  • Writing Effective Learning Outcomes and Using Them to Guide the Alignment Within Courses

Assessment and Evaluation

  • Assessment Short Course
  • Transparent by Design: Cultivating Assessment Strategies for Student Success
  • Using Authentic Assessments to Integrate Current Events
  • Using Canvas' SpeedGrader for Efficient and Constructive Feedback


  • Integrating Digital Literacy into Teaching and Learning
  • Teaching Skills Short Course
  • Using Open Educational Practices to Integrate USask Priorities into Courses


Broadening Perspectives and Opening Dialogue

 Documenting and Growing Your Teaching Practice

Indigenization and Indigenous Education Professional Development

Contact GMCTL for more information

Indigenous Course (re)Design

  • Instructors interested in building a curriculum that is more supportive of reconciliation working as a collaborative cohort on their course (re)design.  Explore concepts that support authentic engagement with Indigenization and focus on preparing students to become better contributors to an inclusive society in support of Indgienous Peoples. 

The 4 Seasons of Reconciliation online modules

  • These online modules are a direct response to the Calls to Action by the TRC. This online module teaches learners about the experiences of Indigenous Peoples living in Canada. In collaboration with the Library, the GMCTL will help each person to better understand the reasons for reconciliation and the ways in which Canada should move forward to achieve the calls to action. This is a great addition to any course and the we can help explore ways to connect these materials with your course. Learn more

Land Acknowledgement session  

  • A professional development workshop to personally understand and interpret the Land Acknowledgement in a meaningful and purposeful way. Explore the history, intercultural perspectives and personal reasons for how to make this powerful statement at events, meetings or in the classroom.

Conversations About Indigenization  

  • Conversations About Indigenization is a series of online modules followed up by synchronous group conversations exploring four key perspectives that support Indigenization: Power & Privilege, Land Agreements, Indigenous Pedagogy, and Place and Culture. This is a cohort process where each member brings their own perspectives to share with others as we learn to better understand how we can improve our support for reconciliation.


  • Sparkshops - These 20-minute workshops are led by GMCTL Educational Developers and can be added to the agenda of department meetings, faculty meetings, or other teaching related gatherings. The intention of a Sparkshop is to stimulate exploration and conversations around teaching and learning. Learn more

Extended Courses and Certificates

  • Certificate in University Teaching and Learning (CUTL)  - Those interested in the structure of this competency-based program may book a preliminary consultation with Sara Dzaman. Participants will be introduced to a variety of teaching strategies, planning approaches, assessment ideas, and reflective practice techniques.

  • Transforming Teaching  - This course is offered during the fall term and is an opportunity for faculty and instructors on campus to connect and explore the foundational aspects of teaching at the university level. Transforming Teaching is aimed to support term or tenure-track faculty, sessional lecturers, and post-doctoral fellows in their early years of teaching at USask. Next course is offered this Fall 2023. Applications are currently being accepted! Click the title for more info.

Graduate students and postdoctoral fellows

Most courses and workshops listed above are open to graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. The GMCTL also offers workshops, non-credit courses and resources specifically aimed to graduate students and postdocs.


Connect with the team at the Gwenna Moss Centre for Teaching and Learning for more details about events, courses and workshops.