The Certificate in University Teaching and Learning is a competency-based program for USask faculty, sessionals and lab instructors to document and develop their skills in university teaching. Once you complete the program, you will have a dossier that details evidence of your skills, achievements and reflections on your growth. 

The program is divided into four teaching competency categories, which align with Our Learning Charter:

  1. Responds to diversity in worldview, position, and power
  2. Designs courses appropriately and teaches them effectively
  3. Assesses appropriately given the course outcomes
  4. Values improving and growing teaching practice

Benefits and opportunities

  • Build skills and confidence in your ability to support your students’ success
  • Document and reflect on the growth in your teaching practice
  • Present evidence of prior learning that demonstrates ways in which you might already have met program outcomes.


You may demonstrate and grow your ability by taking USask teaching and learning courses and workshops and and/or by presenting evidence from your prior learning experiences. To successfully complete the certificate, you’ll establish skills in each of the outcomes listed under each competency category. The competencies are built based on educator commitments in our learning charter.

Ready to join?

To join the certificate program, book a preliminary consultation with Wenona Partridge by emailing w.p@usask.ca.


For more information about the Certificate in University Teaching and Learning, contact Wenona Partridge by emailing w.p@usask.ca.