Course design

What do you need?

  • Is your program or college considering a curriculum redesign?
  • Do you have a course that needs an update?
  • Are you a new instructor or faculty member seeking guidance with regard to course design?
  • Are you looking for new ways to effectively integrate technology in to your teaching?

Employing effective instructional design can ensure that:

  • your course matches your students' needs
  • your learning outcomes are clearly stated, and are measurable
  • you are optimally employing a variety of teaching and learning strategies
  • your assessment matches your previously established outcomes


Canvas course design

This checklist will support instructors in achieving our Learning Technology Ecosystem Principles and other principles of effective instructional design. You are welcome to use this resource to self-assess your courses.

You may also contact the GMCTL to have someone work through the checklist with you. To book a checklist consultation, email

If you are planning to create an online course, dedicated services are available through the Distance Education Unit. If you require consultation or full video production support for your course contact Media Production.

Short courses and workshops

The Gwenna Moss Centre hosts a number of short courses and workshops throughout the year on a variety of topics that touch on course design.

Course design process


GMCTL uses a course design process that consists of analysis, outcomes and assessment, design, and final implementation and evalutation.


Applications can be submitted to funding for course design or redesign. Please visit the Teaching Grants and Funds page for information.

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