The bookstore on campus can order textbooks and course materials for your courses. Even if you do not plan on using a text, or if you plan on using open source material, it is helpful to let the bookstore know so that your students can see all of the required and recommended material for their classes in one place.

Tip: When ordering textbooks or solution manuals, ask the publisher for a library copy to place on reserve if there isn't already one in the system.


Spring (Term 1): March 1st
Summer (Term 2): April 1st
Fall (Term 1): May 1st
Winter (Term 2): October 1st

Reasons to request texts early

  • The bookstore will be able to bring in used copies from other vendors
  • Custom editions and print on demand titles can take months to print
  • If vendors are out of stock or have released a new edition, there is enough time for you to make an alternative choice

When submitting a request

Double check the ISBN for the title and the format you want. Publishers often have multiple formats available, check with your publisher rep for the correct ISBN if needed.

If your text has an access code or other online component, let us know if it's required or not. If the online components are required, we cannot bring in used copies. However, if it is just an additional learning tool and does not count towards grades, many students will opt to buy a used copy to save money.

There is a notes field in the request form. Feel free to use it to indicate things such as if the title is available in the library for free, if there are other students who wil already have the text from previous classes, etc.

Course Packages

Course Packages can include a collection of various materials, such as journal articles, excerpts from books or the professor's own work. Course packages can be submitted through the textbook adoption form and Retail Services will work with on campus providers for the development and distribution of the product.

Any materials faculty members would like included in course packages are required to adhere to the university’s copyright policy. Retail Services provides copyright clearance assistance and can order printed course packages. Before submitting a course package, please consult the Copyright Clearance guidelines

Lab Manuals

For classes requiring lab manuals, faculty members can upload the files directly through the textbook adoption form. The Campus Bookstore produces the manuals and inventories the appropriate amount of printed versions for each class.

Open Source Textbooks

During the 2016-2017 academic year, at least 2,700 students in six colleges and schools at the U of S are using open textbooks instead of commercial textbooks, saving them approximately $270,000. Students have saved more than $400,000 since the U of S launched the open textbook initiative during the 2014-2015 academic year.

Even if you are using an open text, complete a requisition with the Bookstore so your students know in advance what text will be used. 

Copyright Office

As educators, you will likely work with copyright-protected materials every day. It is important to be aware of the University’s copyright guidelines and policy when preparing and distributing course materials to your students. The Copyright Office can help you determine how to provide materials to your students while respecting copyright law, answer any copyright questions you may have, and assist with acquiring permissions from copyright owners.

There is also information for students regarding copyright and the appropriate use of course materials available on the University’s copyright website.

Get Support

University Bookstore

Retail Services will work with publishers to ensure that enough textbooks are available to your students before classes begin.

Gwenna Moss Centre for Teaching and Learning

Staff in GMCTL can help you choose or develop open source course materials.

Copyright Office

The copyright office has extensive information about using media and texts in the classroom.

Distance Education Unit

There is a dedicated copyright clearance officer for online and distance classes who can assist when a course is being developed.