Learning Management System Renewal

Blackboard has been USask’s primary learning management system (LMS) for more than 10 years. During this time, university teaching and learning has evolved, and so too has the learning technology marketplace. We are taking an opportunity to look at available options to select a new LMS solution will meet both our current and future needs. We are currently selecting the system through use of a set of principles of effective teaching and learning developed from a USask e-learning research study done by and with faculty in 2017 and Our Learning Charter. Additionally, instructors and students have been providing us with more information over the past few months regarding what is needed in the new system.

You can get involved in the coming academic year by volunteering to test potential alternatives in Winter Term 2020. This can be done through experimenting with some of the features or even trying one of the systems in your class.

Sexual Assault Procedures

The Sexual Assault Procedures document sets out procedures and a response protocol to incidents of sexual assault and sexual misconduct at the University of Saskatchewan.

Learning analytics

Learning Analytics work is conducted under the leadership of the Office of the Vice-Provost Teaching, Learning, and Student Experience in partnership with Information and Communications Technology. We have completed a number of projects and continue to explore opportunities to enhance the student experience through learning analytics.

Experiential Learning

The U of S’s third integrated plan commits the institution to “[establish] a baseline and [increase] by 20% the number of students engaging in experiential learning, including community-service learning, internships, undergraduate research, international student exchanges, and co-op experiences within their academic programs.” (Institutional Planning and Assessment 2012, 17)  To that end the provost’s office has produced an experiential learning section of its achievement record since 2010.  

Student Forum

The student forum is chaired by the vice-provost of teaching and learning and members of the USSU and GSA executives. The work of the student forum is important to the continual improvement of the student experience at the U of S. 

The mandate of the Student Forum is:

… is to provide a venue in which students can discuss important issues of the day so that university administration, governing bodies, and representatives of the university’s key stakeholder groups hear and consider the perspective of students on institution-wide issues that affect the nature and quality of the student experience at the University of Saskatchewan. The Student Forum will provide leadership on behalf of the university community regarding best practices in education, student retention and success, and other aspects of the student experience on our campus. It will also develop recommendations for policy development and the coordinated application of existing policies across the university. Matters for consideration by the forum can be brought forward by any interested group, including student groups, University Council and/or its committees, and colleges and administrative units.

The student forum meets up to five times each academic year.

Student Evaluation of Teaching and Learning Questionnaire (SETLQ)

In 2015/16 the Teaching, Learning and Academic Resources Committee of University Council (TLARC) reviewed, as part of a larger teaching quality project, the fit of our current institutionally supported student evaluation of teaching tool (SEEQ) against our institutional policies and documentation describing teaching quality.

The findings of this work identified a lack of alignment between the SEEQ and some of our institutional values and priorities related to teaching and learning. TLARC made the decision, therefore, to find a replacement for SEEQ and ultimately request University Council approval for a new student evaluation of teaching and learning questionnaire (SETLQ). For more information about the shift to a new SETLQ called Blue visit the SETLQ webpage, linked below.