Career Services' Career Development Workshops and Presentations are designed to provide session participants with career development and/or employment information and to assist them in making a successful transition from student to career professional. Sessions can be delivered live to small groups, or through recorded videos.

Booking a workshop or presentation

You may select a presentation from the presentions listed below, plus one 15 minute add-on (a la carte) presentation, if desired.

Presentations offered

1. Meet Career Services

The Meet Career Services presentation is meant to introduce students to the career and employment services on campus. During the presentation students will learn about the different supports and services available to them as students, how to access them, and how these services can benefit them in their career development.

2. What can I do with my degree in…?

Sometimes we have to think outside-the-box to connect the dots between degree and career possibilities and to discover the opportunities that fit best. In this session, students will learn how to use online and offline strategies to identify career opportunities, know what to look for when evaluating options, and learn where to find the best resources.

3. Career Readiness Competencies

This session provides students with a more in depth look into the Career Readiness Competencies and what it means to be career ready. Students will learn about which career competencies employers are looking for, how they can develop these competencies, and how to articulate them. Ultimately, students will learn how to be career ready so that they can be confident in their job search and successful in their careers.

4. Creating Effective Resumes and Cover Letters

This session will help students understand how to create job search documents that will make them stand out among other applicants when looking for a job. From how to write a cover letter, to which sections to include in a resume and the difference between a resume and a CV, students will leave this session with tools and resources to help them secure employment.

5. Interviewing

Do you dread the thought of going for an interview? This session provides an overview of the interview process including key tips to effectively prepare for an interview as well as how to ace tricky interview questions.

6. Networking and LinkedIn

They say it's not what you know, it’s who you know. This session will include tips and tools focused on personal brand development, professional etiquette and help students understand how to start reaching out to explore potential opportunities.

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