Intended to stimulate exploration and conversations around teaching and learning topics


The Gwenna Moss Centre for Teaching and Learning (GMCTL) is excited to offer a new type of support to initiate conversations and foster teaching and learning .

Sparkshops are 20-minute workshops led by GMCTL Educational Developers that can be added to the agenda of department meetings, faculty meetings, or other teaching related gatherings. The intention of a Sparkshop is to stimulate exploration and conversations in the areas listed below.

Topic Areas

Sparkshops are ready to be offered on the following topic areas:

Effective classroom discussions
Using quiz tools to promote student learning
From outcomes to assessment: keeping learning aligned
Promoting student success by making your assessment tasks and criteria clear to students
How to get students to hand in quality work by planning for choice in your syllabus
What do I need in my syllabus?
Teaching philosophy statements
Portfolios for remote learning and assessment
In pursuit of reconciliation: Co-creating learning
Triangulating on understanding indigenous worldviews
Inclusive teaching strategies
Easy active learning: Think-pair-share
Getting value from student feedback with SLEQ

More information

Sparkshops are available on demand and can be offered remotely. Email our team for details.