Why take GPS 989

GPS 989: Introduction to University Teaching is a one-term course for graduate students and post-doctoral fellows who are interested in becoming prepared to teach.  GPS 989 is ideal for graduate students and post-doctoral fellows who are considering a career in teaching as a professor, sessional lecturer, or in non-academic settings such as a manager, leader, or coach.

Course Overview

GPS 989 will focus on the best practices of university teaching, including:

  • Using effective instructional approaches given particular outcomes, contexts and learners
  • Developing lessons plans
  • Creating a successful classroom environment
  • Asking and answering questions
  • Anticipating and responding to diversity in worldview, position, and power


GPS 989 is a non-credit (Pass/Fail) course. If you successfully complete the course based on the following requirements, you will receive a certificate and note on your transcript that will indicate a “Pass” in the course.

  • A “Pass” is based upon sufficient competency in achieving the course outcomes by agreed upon deadlines. Student who are absent for more than two classes will need to make arrangements to be able to demonstrate competencies from in-class work they missed.
  • If, for any reason, you need to drop the course, you must do this according to the University’s official processes, dates, and deadlines, or else your transcript will indicate a “Fail.”

Students who indicate interest can choose to use the course towards Instructional Preparation Certification. Please speak to the instructor when starting the course if you are interested.

Teaching experience

You do not need to have prior teaching experience to take 989. If you plan to teach and take this course at the same time, please be aware that you will need to plan your time accordingly. That being said, many of our graduates feel this is a valuable way to experience learning about teaching in a very practical way.


You can register for GPS 989 using the Registration channel in PAWS. Select the option to add/drop classes and select the term for which you would like to register. Enter the course reference number (CRN) for GPS 989 and submit your changes. Check to ensure you have added the course successfully and that you have not received any error messages.


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