About this course

The Teaching Preparation Certificate (TPC), is a non-credit and competency-based certificate, designed for graduate students and post-docs who have prior experience teaching or as a teaching assistant, or training in teaching skills. GPS 986 supports participants with assessing their level of competence in areas aligned with the USask Learning Charter and with documenting their growth in a teaching portfolio.

Program Overview

Participants will work to document competencies in three categories which align with these Educator Commitments in Our Learning Charter:

  1. Respond to diversity in worldview, position, and power.
  2. Design lessons appropriately and teaches them effectively.
  3. Value improving and growing teaching practice.

Benefits and opportunities

  • Document and reflect on the growth in your teaching practice. 
  • Present evidence of prior learning that demonstrates ways in which you might already have met program outcomes.
  • Build skills and confidence in teaching competencies through attending USask teaching and learning courses and workshops.
  • Establish or build upon your teaching philosophy statement.

Review the TPC Rubric

Essential Teaching Competency A:  Respond to diversity in worldview, position, and power

  • Reflect on personal power and position, and develop strategies for power sharing and choices for students.
  • Value perspectives and worldviews different than one’s own.
  • Use strategies to encourage and foster open and healthy dialogue.

Essential Teaching Competency B: Designs lesssons appropriately and teaches them effectively

  • Design lessons with curricular alignment,
    • Create outcomes that are active, and use verbs, content, context
    • Select instructional strategies aligned to a self-generated outcome
  • Select appropriate content and order it to promote learning,
    • Distinguish between what is essential to know, nice to know and not necessary
    • Chunk, sequence, and scaffold essential content
  • Use effective instructional approaches given the outcomes, context, and learners,
    • Adjust active lesson plan given formative assessment and/or context
    • Adapt communication for audience and purpose
    • Identify potential solutions to prevent and respond to classroom management problems

Essential Teaching Competency C: Value improving and growing teaching practice

  • Reflect on current teaching practices to adjust and improve,
    • Accurately self- assess effectiveness of current practice
    • Collect evidence of teaching efficacy
  • Reflect on degree to which the TPC essential teaching competencies (based on the USask Learning Charter) are enacted in one’s teaching practice
    • Recognize elements of the TPC essential teaching competencies in personal teaching practice
    • Identify areas of the Charter for further exploration
  • Begin to clarify and refine a teaching philosophy,
    • Articulate personal beliefs and assumptions about “good teaching” 
  • Make appropriate changes based on feedback,
    • Choose appropriate responses


Students must either be a current Post-Doctoral Fellow or be registered in the College of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (CGPS) in a Master’s or PhD program.  Successful completion of either GPS 989: Introduction to University Teaching or GPS 982: Mentored Teaching may count toward evidence of meeting all outcomes in the three areas of competence. 

The culminating submission for completing the TPC is a teaching portfolio comprised of a self-assessment of competencies, a teaching philosophy statement, and evidence of meeting each of the outcomes and indicators in each of the three competency categories.  

Book a consultation with Roberta Campbell-Chudoba at r.campbell@usask.ca to learn more about this certificate.


To register for the Teaching Preparation Certificate use the Registration channel in PAWS then search GPS 986. New students may register in either Term 1 or 2.


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