Picture of Kristin Moskalyk

Kristin Moskalyk Instructional Designer


Education has always been my passion, and it has come in many forms. I began my journey in education prior to completing my B.Ed when I was an ambassador/educator for a company traveling western Canada teaching salon owners and hairstylists about how they could best cater their products and services to their clients needs. From that experience my ambitions to become a teacher were solidified. I then completed my B.Ed and began a teaching career. While teaching I took on a role as a Learning Facilitator for my school, conducting research on best teaching practices, collaborating with colleagues, and creating learning opportunities and professional development for staff. I have always had a passion for incorporating technology into my teaching practices. This passion led me to pursue my M.Ed in Educational Technology and Design, which in turn led me to my current role as an Instructional Designer. I have had the pleasure of collaborating with many people of varied skills and backgrounds along my journey which has greatly influenced, inspired, and shaped the educator and instructional designer I am today. In my spare time you can find me enjoying nature while camping with my family, playing guitar and singing all my favorite 90’s songs, or participating in some sort of sporting activity.  


My Approach to Instructional Design

I believe that in my role as an instructional designer, I am helping provide the necessary opportunities to engage, grow, and inspire the innovators of tomorrow, and for that reason I take my role very seriously. Through collaboration with faculty and instructors/subject matter experts (SME’s), methodical planning, development and delivery, a course that is both effective and efficient can be created. I believe in creating student-centered learning that encourages learners to explore their newly acquired skills and knowledge, allowing them to grow exponentially during their time within a course.  

During the development stage of a project, I like to keep the user’s experience at the forefront of design. Considering how accessible the course is to learners determines many things, including their level of engagement, retention of knowledge, and motivation. Therefore, I like to use my creativity to integrate various forms of multimedia, visual representations, and interactive opportunities to keep learning fresh, exciting and memorable.  


Some Cool Stuff I’ve Worked On