Picture of  Tenneisha Nelson

Tenneisha Nelson Experiential Learning Coordinator

Tenneisha is an Experiential Learning Coordinator. Her work focuses on leading and managing experiential learning opportunities, resources, and programming, as well as coordinating related industry engagement, career education, and campus outreach activities. Tenneisha also oversees Riipen programming, including curriculum-embedded and co-curricular (Level UP) experiential learning opportunities and FUSION.

As a team member, Tenneisha seeks out and embraces opportunities for growth and is passionate about continuous improvement. She is also a trained educator with a teaching philosophy grounded in creating a learning environment in which students are engaged and have the opportunity to draw on and reflect on their experiences.

Tenneisha’s academic background includes a Ph.D. in Educational Administration from the University of Saskatchewan, an M.Sc. in Human Resource Development, B.A. in Media and Communication with an Economics minor from the University of the West Indies.