Picture of Roberta Braid

Roberta Braid Career Educator

Roberta is a Career Educator who works primarily with students and alumni to support them in reflecting on who they are as individuals, where they are now, where they want to be, and then empowering them to take next steps on their career paths.

Roberta believes that the answers lie within each individual, and it is her passion and privilege to guide meaningful discussions so these often hidden insights have a safe space to surface, develop, and spark from awareness into action. Roberta feels that life is not linear and embracing a planned happenstance mentality is key in finding personal and professional success. She also believes there is no "one" right way or timeline to find and achieve success.

Roberta started her professional career path as a teacher and went on to work at various non-profit organizations until landing her role at the University. She has followed her intuition as to what roles would best suit her personal and professional growth and loves the diversity these experiences have brought to her life. She has always enjoyed working with people, hearing their stories, and being able to share a supportive role in their journeys.

Roberta obtained her Destination Leadership Certified Coach Training through the Edwards School of Business Executive Education program. She also has numerous certifications in mental health and wellness as these are areas she has worked in and is also very passionate about.

Roberta holds a B.Ed. from the University of Winnipeg.