Picture of Anne-Marie Rollo

Anne-Marie Rollo Educational Development Specialist

Anne-Marie Rollo is a passionate educator committed to improving education by integrating the latest research on brain science and learning into classroom practices. She holds a Bachelor's degree in physiology from the Faculty of Kinesiology and Health Studies at the University of Regina, where she was recognized for her academic excellence with the University Prize and the President's Medal, the university's most prestigious award for distinguished graduates. 

After completing her undergraduate degree, Anne-Marie pursued her passion for teaching and spent ten years in Saskatoon classrooms. During this time, she became increasingly interested in applying brain science to classroom teaching and decided to further her education by pursuing a Master of Education in Curriculum Studies at the University of Saskatchewan. Her master's research focused on the intersection of cognitive neuroscience and education. 

Anne-Marie's passion for evidence-based teaching practices and her expertise in physiology and education led her to become an educational consultant for Saskatoon Public Schools and a sessional lecturer at the college of education. She has also shared her knowledge and insights by speaking at the University of Saskatchewan's TEDx event. 

In 2023, Anne-Marie joined the team at The Gwenna Moss Centre, where she continues to advance her commitment to improving education through research-informed teaching practices.