Chris Lambert Coordinator, Learning Resources

Chris grew up on a Saskatchewan farm with her family, then moved to Saskatoon to attend university. Following completion of a B.A (4-year) in Linguistics and a PGD in Adult Education, Chris began work at the Language Centre in 1995. She has been in a variety of positions at the Language Centre and now is the Learning Resources Coordinator.

Most recently, she has been deeply involved in student and teacher support and teaches the use of applications in the learning process. She is avidly interested in language, mostly the history and development of them, but also in the relationship between language and culture. She has studied French, Spanish, Norwegian and even a little bit of Mandarin. One of her weird claims to fame is that she has read the original Norse Sagas in Old Icelandic.

Chris loves music and movies, especially the Avengers series, and loves animals – she has had cats and dogs most of her life, and sometimes prefers them to people.

She has done some travelling around the world (England, China, Mexico), and in Canada, camping with her family in British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan. Now she is exploring different methods of food growing in her backyard.

Chris welcomes all people from all nations and cultures, and apologizes (in true Canadian fashion) if anything she ever says or does is offensive, because she doesn’t mean to be.