Academic Tools List (A-Z)

= approved for academic use
= integrates with Canvas
= not approved for academic use
= under review for academic use
= USask has a similar, funded solution
= Generative AI tool

For more information regarding reviewed technology tools, see this list of IT support tickets with technology reviewed and organized by: Approved, Approved with Special Conditions, and Not Approved.

Tool Name


Support Level

Can be used for

Canvas fully supported and integrated

assessment, course management, content creation, asynchronous discussion, group work, peer review, etc.
USask Canvas Teaching Guide

Cengage Mindlink limited support

Humanities/Language student practice and assessment (MindTap) and STEM student practice and assessment (WebAssign)

CrowdMark self-supported, conditions may apply handwritten and/or electronic assessments (assignments and exams)
ExamSoft college supported
(Nursing, Medicine, Dentistry)

question bank creation, support the integrity of digital exams. See Proctorio (for use in other colleges).

Grammarly not approved use Microsoft Editor instead
H5P limited support

create and share web-based interactive learning activities
USask H5P Teaching Guide not approved use Perusall instead
Kahoot self-supported, conditions may apply student practice, formative assessment, student-created practice, use Poll Everywhere where applicable
Mentimeter self-supported, contitions may apply polling, formative assessment, use Poll Everywhere where applicable
Microsoft 365 fully supported and integrated document creation and collaboration
Microsoft Bing Copilot

fully supported *limited generating course elements, generating assessment tasks and questions, generating and revising text, generating images, audio transcription *Currently limited to instructor and staff use.
Microsoft Teams not approved use Zoom or Canvas instead
Mobius self-supported, conditions may apply
student practice and assessment
Mural self-supported, conditions may apply

collaborative whiteboarding, mind-mapping
USask Mural Teaching Guide

NOLEJ self-supported, conditions may apply rapidly developing learning activities and materials (e.g., practice questions, flashcards, etc.)
OneDrive fully supported and integrated

file sharing
USask OneDrive Teaching Guide

Packback not approved
Padlet self-supported, conditions may apply

multimedia bulletin board
USask Padlet Teaching Guide

Panopto fully supported and integrated

lecture capture, screen capture
USask Panopto Teaching Guide

Perusall self-supported, conditions may apply

document annotation
USask Perusall Teaching Guide

Poll Everywhere limited support

student practice, formative assessment, polling
USask PollEverywhere Teaching Guide

Portfolium self-supported, conditions may apply course level assessment, program level evidence of competencies, workspace for reflective learning
Pressbooks limited support

open textbook creation/sharing
USask Pressbooks Teaching Guide

Proctorio college supported

support the integrity of digital exams

Riipen limited support integrating authentic projects and work experiences into courses 
ResearchRabbit self-supported, conditions may apply find and organize relevant journal articles
Smartwork limited support STEM student practice and assessment
SMARTIE self-supported, conditions may apply generating course elements, generating assessment tasks and questions, improving the inclusivity of course materials and activities
TopHat use Poll Everywhere instead


WebEx use Zoom instead
WordPress limited support

blogging, web design
USask WordPress Teaching Guide

XMind self-supported, conditions may apply mind-mapping, visual diagrams
Zoom fully supported and integrated

video conferencing, breakout rooms
USask Zoom Teaching Guide