Mentimeter is approved for academic use by request only and requires additional payment at the college or school level. 

Please contact your College IT Coordinator (log in required).

What is Mentimeter?

Mentimeter is a web-based polling tool. It allows instructors to ask questions quickly and for students to respond to the questions using their computer or mobile device.

Instructors can ask a variety of question types, including multiple choice and word answer to get real-time input from students. It also supports collecting questions from students in real-time. Mentimeter could be described as clickers, a student response system, a classroom response system, and/or an audience response system.

What is the purpose of Mentimeter?

Mentimeter's primary purpose, as with all other polling tools, is to gather assessment information easily on how the full class is doing. This includes:
  • Pre-assessments before teaching a topic 
  • Quick comprehension checks during or after teaching a topic 
  • Gathering feedback on the process of learning (e.g., what’s one question you still have?) 
Better learning occurs when: 
  • Students have the opportunity to discuss and justify their choices with peers 
  • Questions require application of the content being learned in class 
  • Questions occur throughout class time rather than only at the beginning or end 

Why use Mentimeter?

Use Mentimeter to get a better sense of how the entire class is doing in the moment; rather than getting feedback only from the students that are willing to speak in class or waiting for an exam to realize where students are struggling. Information gathered from using Mentimeter should inform your next steps in teaching (e.g., Do you need to do another example or to approach the topic in a different way?). 

Using Mentimeter also helps students self-assess how they are doing and identify topics where they need to focus their attention.

Learning Technology Ecosystem (LTE) Principles

Mentimeter most directly address these LTE goals:

Active and social Learning is a process of meaning-making, constructed through learning with others, and as a part of an intentional, deliberate system within a course and across experiences. 


Best Practices



 Ask polling questions that clearly identify gaps in student understanding or conceptual difficulties.

 Ask only fact-based / recall questions.

 Ask questions that require students to apply their learning.

 Ask questions without any feedback or instructional follow-up.

 Allow students to discuss and justify their answers (e.g., Peer Instruction).

 Use polling to inform your teaching. (e.g., what’s working and what needs revision) 

 Use polling to help students self-assess where they need to focus their studying. 

 Use during synchronous classes.

Support for Mentimeter

Technical Support

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Training Support

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Teaching Support

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Tool Evaluation

You should contact your College IT Coordinator for details about local evaluation and recommended uses, in addition to information about common problems to be aware of.