If you intend to use a free tool or one that has not been approved for assessment, you will want to keep copies of any major student assessments. In most cases, the best way to keep a copy of exactly what was submitted to you is to download it.

What is downloading?

Downloading is when you are copying something from a web application onto your computer by making a copy.

What is the risk of downloading?

Downloaded content can mask other content, for example you may accidentally copy a virus (or other malware) when you are trying to download a student assignment.  You can help protect yourself by using anti-virus software and reporting if you have a problem. Read more about how to tell if there is a problem and what to do.

How do I download student work?

The method of downloading is different depending on the type of software.  Usually you will find a download link in the top menu system.  It may also be true that you need to download using your browser, so you might need to look up the specific instructions for something like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, or Internet Explorer.

Save downloaded files to your OneDrive account. You may review the USask File Storage Options and Policy for additional information. When saving, rename the file with the student name or number, the date, and the class. Save all student work from one class in one folder. You are renaming it so it is easy to find later and there is no chance of overwriting the file (copy one student’s work on top of another student’s work).