Crowdmark is approved for academic use by request only and requires additional payment at the college or school level. It has limited integration with Canvas. 

What is Crowdmark?

Crowdmark is an online grading platform that helps instructors provide rich feedback and grades more efficiently and effectively. The name Crowdmark refers to it's ability to make providing feedback more efficient with a team of graders.

What is the purpose of Crowdmark?

Crowdmark can be used to electronically distribute and collect student assignments and exams. It was designed with STEM assessments in mind (e.g., Mathematics). There are a few question/submission types that it supports: 

  • Electronic files or scans of handwritten work (e.g., .pdf, .jpeg) 
  • Rich text (e.g., responses typed directly into Crowdmark)
  • Multiple choice 

Why use Crowdmark?

There are benefits of using Crowdmark for assignments or exams: 

  • The submissions are broken apart by question, which allows for grading by question, which is typically more efficient and consistent.
  • As the submissions are electronic and broken apart by question, graders can be simultaneously providing feedback on different questions from the same student.
  • Each comment made on a question is stored in a bank and can be quickly applied to a number of students' submissions (i.e., you don't need to write the same comment twice). This typically leads to students getting richer feedback than they typically would.
  • After grading, data visualizations of student performance on each question are provided. Instructors can use this data to inform their instruction.
  • Grades from Crowdmark can be synced to your Grades in Canvas.

Learning Technology Ecosystem (LTE) Principles

Crowdmark most directly address these LTE goals:

Efficient and easy to use Learners need to work in a system that is fluid and requires a minimum number of steps in systems that are intuitive and integrated.


Best Practices



 Grade one-question-at-a-time using Crowdmark

 Use for assessments that only contain multiple choice questions 

 Reuse comments to save time and provide richer feedback

 Review analytics by question to see where to focus future instruction 

 Provide extra time for students to scan and submit responses 

 Allow students to review the feedback 

Support for Crowdmark

Technical Support

(Why isn't this working?)

Vendor Supported

Training Support

(How do I learn to use this tool?)

Vendor Supported

Teaching Support

 (How do I teach with this tool?)

College or Department Supported


Tool Evaluation

You should contact your College IT Coordinator for details about local evaluation and recommended uses, in addition to information about common problems to be aware of.