Proctorio is approved for academic use by request only and requires additional payment. It can be used when required for accreditation or for online courses.

Please contact your College IT Coordinator (login required) for more information.

What is Proctorio?

Proctorio is the USask recommended tool for courses with proctored digital exams. Instructors are able to choose from a variety of Proctorio settings designed to support the integrity of digital exams. 

What is the purpose of Proctorio?

To protect the integrity of an exam taken on computer by locking down the computer’s browser.

Why use or avoid Proctorio?

Proctoring is a method of limiting or monitoring student behaviour when they are taking and exam.

In general, USask discourages the use proctoring software because the capacity to correctly identify academic misconduct does not outweigh the issues. To prevent academic misconduct:

  • Design assessments that require fewer types of restrictions.
  • Communicate fully and clearly about expectations for restrictions and integrity.

However, educators may use proctoring software like Proctorio when:

  • External accrediting bodies require the use of proctoring tools.
  • In an online course that wishes to use one or more exams, the exams will be offered online to allow students the opportunity to participate. Because students know exams in online courses will be offered online, they can make informed decisions about being required to use proctoring software at time of enrollment.

Learning Technology Ecosystem (LTE) Principles

Proctorio is not designed to meet any of the LTE principles but can be supportive of assessment security and limiting opportunities for academic misconduct.

Best Practices



Include a statement in your syllabus that indicates how you are using Proctorio.

Do not include webcam or camera recording as part of the invigilation. Note: these features are not available at USask.

Recommend that students use Google Chrome as their web browser when using Proctorio.

Do not use both Canvas Classic Quizzes and Canvas New Quizzes. Proctorio can only work with one Canvas quiz engine (i.e., Classic or New) within the same course.

Have students install Proctorio and complete a practice quiz or exam with Proctorio enabled at least a few days before the actual exam.

Do not use Proctorio for the first time on a high-stakes assessment. There will be technical and user issues to resolve.

Ensure that students write their exam on the same device they have installed Proctorio.


Initially, budget 10 minutes per student to review incidents flagged by Proctorio.

Receive approval from your senior leader before including details in your syllabus and using Proctorio. Ensure there is an understanding of the associated financial costs and additional effort.


Inform students that if Proctorio asks for an exam password it is not working properly on their device. Direct them to the help steps available.

Work with your College IT Coordinator to help with licensing, network readiness and location-specific advice for students.

Support for Proctorio

Technical Support

(Why isn't this working?)

USask IT supported

College or Department Supported

Training Support

 (How do I learn to use this tool?)


Vendor Supported

Teaching Support

 (How do I teach with this tool?)

  • No teaching support available

Tool Evaluation

Not completed, as the tool is not designed to meet the LTE principles.