Riipen is approved for academic use and is integrated with LMS.

What is Riipen?

Riipen is a service that USask has partnered with. Riipen connects instructors and students to work-integrated learning, community-engaged learning, internships, and practica. Riipen is also an online platform that facilitates communications between instructors, students, and employers/partners. There is no cost to USask students or instructors. 

What is the purpose of Riipen?

Riipen helps connect instructors and students to work-integrated learning opportunities and projects. It can be used to streamline existing partnerships (e.g., local organizations you already work with in your teaching) and to find new partnerships locally, nationally, and internationally.

It provides an all-in-one platform for connecting, communicating, sharing documents, and managing deadlines between stakeholders (instructors, students, and community/industry partners). 

Why use Riipen?

Riipen helps turn your course projects into authentic learning experiences.  

  • For example, rather than having students do a business analysis on a fictitious company, you could post your intended learning outcomes and deliverables on Riipen and be connected with a businesses and organizations looking for a real business analysis.

Student learning and quality tends to increase when the task is more authentic. This type of experience can also improve the employability of your students.  

Visit this blog post to hear about how instructors at USask have been using Riipen: Elevate Your Course Projects using Riipen 

Best Practices


Add your project to the site well in advance. This gives Riipen more time to help you find the right match(es) 

Be clear on the learning that you intend out of the project and the deliverables you want students to produce. The more details you can provide, the better the match(es) you'll be able to get.

Connect your Riipen project to your Canvas course using the LTI link.

Support for Riipen

Technical Support

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Vendor Supported

Training Support

 (How do I learn to use this tool?)

USask supported

  • To inquire about adding a Riipen project to your course, contact Kim Matheson at Career Services.

Teaching Support

 (How do I teach with this tool?)

Gwenna Moss Centre for Teaching and Learning Supported

  • For assistance with integrating and assessing Riipen projects in your course, contact gmctl@usask.ca