ExamSoft is approved for use by request only and requires additional payment at the college or school level. Please contact your College IT Coordinator (log in required) to determine if ExamSoft is used within your college.

If you are looking to use a tool to support the integrity of your digital exams and ExamSoft is not supported within your college, you may review the potential of using Proctorio.

What is ExamSoft?

ExamSoft is an online assessment tool used to deliver exams. It has many features, most notably the ability to create robust banks of questions, track use of and performance on questions, and deliver secure exams. Exams can be delivered using computers in an in-person location or remotely.

What is the purpose of ExamSoft?

  • Exams that pull from various question banks can be created and delivered securely online.
  • Instructional teams can collaborate to create banks of questions. Questions can be tagged with various metadata, such as the specific learning outcome it assesses.
  • Specific questions can easily be distributed electronically to team members for grading.
  • Robust data analytics are provided for each question. This includes information, such as how well the question performed and which exams (course and date) the question was used on for tracking purposes.

Why use ExamSoft?

ExamSoft's secure exam delivery features can help to limit academic integrity issues. The data analytics features can inform instructional teams on how well students are performing on different learning outcomes within a course. This can lead to instructional and curricular changes.

Learning Technology Ecosystem (LTE) Principles

ExamSoft is not designed to meet the LTE principles but can be supportive of assessment security and limiting opportunities for academic misconduct.

Best Practices



Add metadata to questions created in ExamSoft. Do not assume all students have devices that are capable of working with ExamSoft. Clarify this upfront and have a backup plan.
Review data analytics to inform exam design, instruction, and curriculum. Do not use ExamSoft for the first time on a high-stakes assessment. There will likely be technical issues to resolve.
Include a statement in your syllabus that indicates how you are using ExamSoft.
Have students install ExamSoft and complete a practice quiz or exam within ExamSoft at least a few days before the actual exam.
Ensure that student write their exam on the same device they have installed ExamSoft.

Support for ExamSoft

Technical Support

(Why isn't this working?)

College or Department Supported

Training Support

(How do I learn to use this tool?)

College or Department Supported

Vendor Supported

Teaching Support

(How do I teach with this tool?)

College or Department Supported

Tool Evaluation

Technologies are evaluated based on their alignment with the Learning Technologies Ecosystem Principles

You should contact your ICT coordinator for details about local evaluation and recommended uses, in addition to information about common problems to be aware of.