In this supportive guide you will find resources on how to use this tool in your teaching. 

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Pressbooks’ primary purpose is to create, modify, share, and interact with openly licensed learning materials.

It can be used for:

  • instructors to create or adapt an open textbook,
  • students to contribute to the creation or adaptation of an open resource,
  • students to complete ungraded activities embedded within the resource.
Main features:
  • Share open resources with students, including embedding them with in Canvas.
  • Create or modify open resources to best meet the needs of your students.
  • Have students as individuals or in groups create or modify open resources as part of a learning activity that may include authentic assessment, undergraduate research, decolonization, etc.

Teaching examples


Replace commercial textbooks with open educational resources including open textbooks that can be used as is or modified to me USask student needs.


Have students work together to modify an existing open textbook to make it more appropriate for future offerings of your course. Read more about this project.

Have students modify an existing open textbook to make it more inclusive. See an example of this from Oregon State University.


Have students share their experiences working in the discipline and create an open textbook containing their contributions.

Resources to support