What is the Co-Curricular Record?

How students incorporate volunteer experiences in their co-curricular records.

The Co-Curricular Record (CCR) is a personalized and official record of university-approved and facilitated activities in which students have been involved.

It will help students find opportunities to learn outside of the classroom and then will capture those activities, and the learning outcomes derived from them, on an official document that the student can use in furthering their employment and educational goals.

How to get an activity on the CCR?

As USask faculty or staff, you will require CCR access before you are able to add an activity. Once you have access, you will be able to request eligible activities using an electronic form within the CCR database itself.


For activities to be recognized on the CCR, they must:

  • have a clear connection to the University with a recognized faculty or staff member to validate participation;
  • have validation requirements (for example: criteria students must complete in order to have their position validated);
  • be grounded in the Teaching and Learning Pursuits of the USask Learning CharterOur Learning Pursuits: truth and understanding, knowledges, integrity and respect, skills and practices, and individual and community pursuits;
  • provide an opportunity for students to be actively engaged (positions or activities in which a student holds a title, but has no duties, will not qualify for validation).

Co-Curricular Record administration

Maintaining and administrating the CCR

The USask CCR operates on a decentralized model. The administrative home of the Co-Curricular Record is Career Services, but authority for administering CCR is determined by respective academic or administrative units. These units are best positioned to identify and validate appropriate activities, and the learning outcomes that are derived from them.

Each unit should have a person or persons who can create and verify that an activity is appropriate for inclusion in the CCR.

Co-Curricular advisory committee

The Co-Curricular advisory committee will provide institutional oversight and maintains the integrity of the CCR through high level strategic direction, acting as gate-keeper of internal and cross-institutional best practices, advocating at the institutional level for the CCR and reporting to the Teaching, Learning and Academic Resources Committee of Council (TLARC).

The Vice-Provost, Teaching, Learning and Student Experience is the Executive Sponsor for the advisory committee.

Accessing Co-Curricular Record database

All students can access the CCR. University staff who receive system access to administer the Co-Curricular Record can access the CCR database at ccr.usask.ca.

Students can find information on activities by logging into the CCR and clicking on the Opportunity Directory. 


For more information and support to get involved with the Co-Curricular Record within your unit, email ccr@usask.ca.