The Online Course Review is a consultative service offered by the Flexible Learning & Technology (FLT) team at the Gwenna Moss Centre for Teaching & Learning (GMCTL). The process involves a brief review of your online course by one of our Instructional Designers. The reviewer(s) will use a structured rubric and feedback form to provide you with comments, feedback, and things to consider with regards to:

  • Course overview & information
  • Course technology & tools
  • Design & layout
  • Content & activities
  • Interactions
  • Assessment & feedback
  • Accessibility

The feedback acts as a starting place for you to decide how you might wish to update or revise your course, and to connect you with further resources or supports that can help you achieve your teaching goals.

What to Expect

Image depicting the online course review process

The Online Course Review process occurs in these stages:

  1. Intake: The educator completes an intake form (see button below).
  2. Briefing meeting: The educator and reviewer meet for about 30 minutes to determine any particular focus points for the review, and to add the reviewer into the online course to be reviewed (usually in Canvas).
  3. Review: The reviewer spends about 1-3 hours reviewing the online course and completing the feedback form.
  4. Debriefing meeting: The educator and reviewer meet for about 1 hour to discuss the feedback, and determine next steps to carry out revisions or updates that the educator wishes to proceed with.

Please note:

  • Any synchronous teaching elements (e.g., webinars) are considered out-of-scope of the review. However, asynchronous materials (e.g., pre-recorded lectures) are within scope.
  • You can select a previously delivered, in-progress, or in-development online course to be reviewed. However, to ensure that we are able to provide meaningful feedback, your course should be “student ready” at the time of review.
  • If a review of a previously delivered course is requested, every measure will be taken to protect student information and privacy. This may be achieved by the reviewer accessing your course with a limited Canvas role that restricts access to student-submitted assignments and grade information.
  • When filling out the intake form, you can indicate a preferred timeline for the review to be completed. We will do our best to accommodate these dates and thank you in advance for your understanding.
  • If you have multiple online courses that you would like reviewed, we ask that you submit only one review request at a time. It is likely that the feedback from one review will be applicable to the other courses, and you can always submit an additional request at a later time if you have a further need for assistance.
  • While we may make recommendations about the technology and tools used in your course, this is not intended as an avenue for technical help. For urgent issues and/or technical support related to Canvas or other tools of the Learning Technology Ecosystem (LTE), contact IT Support.

Intake Form

Book an online course review by completing the following webform.

The GMCTL Online Course Review is adapted with permission from materials shared by the Centre for Teaching Support & Innovation (CTSI) at the University of Toronto. Additional resources used in this process are adapted from the Online Learning Consortium, Inc. (OLC) OSCQR Course Design Review Scorecard, originally developed by the State University of New York (SUNY Online), and made available with a CC BY 4.0 license.


Questions can be directed to the GMCTL by emailing