Language Centre

Offers full and part-time EAP programs for international students. Offers English language programs for students whose first language is not English.

221 Cumberland Ave N Saskatoon, SK S7N 1M3
  • Language Centre information for students
    See above website for details about the programs offered to students through the Language Centre. The information below is intended primarily for staff and faculty of USask.
  • Began operation in 1980.
  • Located in the historic R.J.D. Williams Building at 221 Cumberland Avenue North in Saskatoon.
  • Our full-time EAP program is a thirteen-week course offered three times per year.
  • International Students who wish to study at the University of Saskatchewan may be conditionally admitted to the university while they complete their English program.
  • Students who successfully complete the top level of the full-time EAP program (Level 4) will be considered as having met English proficiency requirements for the University of Saskatchewan and can begin their academic studies without any further English testing.
  • We have a variety of General ESL courses available to support students throughout their studies.
  • We welcome short-term program groups delivering English and Cultural experiences.


Chris Lambert
Coordinator, Learning Resources

Tanya Napper
Director, Language Centre

Ken Seto
Student Experience and Promotions Coordinator