About the Award

The award was established in 2001 to honour the memory of Dr. Sylvia Wallace, College of Pharmacy and Nutrition. Dr. Wallace was Associate Vice-President (Academic) at the University of Saskatchewan and a recipient of the University's Master Teacher Award. It recognizes exceptional competence in teaching - including superior command of the subject area, skills at organizing and developing class materials, and the capacity to motivate and inspire students.

Value: The winner of the award receives $1,000 from the GMCTL.


Successful candidates for this award will demonstrate the following characteristics:

  • effectiveness in undergraduate lectures/discussions/studios/laboratories,
  • a command of their subject area,
  • skills in organizing and developing class material, and
  • the capacity to motivate and inspire students.

Nomination Process


Students, peers, department heads, or deans may nominate candidates. Individuals may also nominate themselves.


While there is no rigid criterion for length and breadth of service at the university, a teaching record extending over several years and including the teaching of more than one course will tend to increase a nominee's chance of being selected for the award.

Nominees must teach at least one course at the University of Saskatchewan during the academic year in which they were nominated.

Sessional lecturers teach in many different contexts: in large classes, small classes, and through individualized instruction; at the main campus or at off-campus sites; face-to-face and by various modes of distance delivery; and in all disciplines. Anyone demonstrating exceptional competence in one or more contexts is eligible.


Nomination packages should be no longer than 15 pages, typed in Times 12 point font. Please submit as a single electronic (PDF) copy of all nomination materials.

Nominees and nominators may find it useful to use the teaching portfolio as a model. See below for more information about the nomination package requirements.

Selection Committee

The selection committee is comprised of a student representative, sessional representative, GMCTL faculty fellow, and the GMCTL director.

Nomination Package Requirements

The following sections and materials should be present prior to submitting your Sylvia Wallace nomination package: 

  • Curriculum Vitae– An abridged version of a current C.V. that emphasizes the nature and amount of the nominee’s teaching experience, and attendance or presentations at workshops or conferences on teaching methods (not counted in page limit)
  • Statement of Teaching ResponsibilitiesCandidates should submit a statement describing their teaching roles and duties in each course, including the courses they teach, brief descriptions of the course content, number of students in the class, type of course (lecture, lab, practicum, etc.), and course syllabi.
  • Reflective Statement of Teaching Philosophy - This section should be supported by the evidence provided in the rest of the dossier. The following questions are meant to guide candidates:
    • What excites you about your discipline?
    • How do you motivate students?
    • Has your approach to teaching been guided by a role model?
    • What kinds of activities take place in your classroom or lab?
    • Why have you chosen these activities?
    • What role(s) do students play in your class - audience, group members, peer teachers, co-discoverers?
    • Do you encourage students to talk to you during/outside class? How?
    • How do you give students feedback on their work?
    • What have you learned from teaching?
  • Course Materials - The candidate should submit a set of sample course materials that might include handouts, lecture-aids, problem sets, etc., a description of how the materials were used, and the sources for the materials should be included (e.g., indicating which materials were self-made and which came from other sources).
  • Letter of Nomination - The nomination letter summarizes how the candidate's teaching performance fulfills the selection criteria.
  • Letters of EndorsementThe nomination should include letters from students, peers, and faculty, to a maximum of four statements. These statements should offer persuasive evidence of the candidate's excellence as a teacher. Statements from faculty who have directly observed the candidate's teaching are most desirable.
  • Evidence of EffectivenessThe nominator and/or department head should collect evidence regarding the nominee's teaching. This should include student evaluations such as the SEEQ (include a summary of data as well student comments), and may also include peer evaluations (after observation of the nominee's teaching) and any other evidence (such as formative feedback collected during a term).

Past Recipients

  • William Robertson, English (2019)
  • Glorie Tebbutt, English (2018)
  • David Terrance York, Political Studies (2018)
  • Rita Matlock, English (2017)
  • Jim Taylor, College of Education (2015)
  • Rod Johnson and Bert Weichel, Geography and Planning (2014)
  • Daniel Neilson, Computer Science (2013)
  • Wendy Wilson, Women's and Gender Studies and Sociology (2012)
  • Christtine Fondse, College of Education (2011)
  • Brian Zulkoskey, Physics and Engineering Physics (2010)
  • Greg Saretzky, Civil Engineering (2009)
  • Peggy Proctor, School of Physical Therapy (2008)
  • Warren Noonan, College of Education, (2007)
  • Bonnie Nicholson, Music (2006)
  • Michael Kennedy, English (2005)
  • Carolyn Brooks, Sociology (2004)
  • Wendy Schissel, Women's and Gender Studies (2003)
  • Marcus Rayner, NORTEP (2002)
  • Jack Coggins, History (2001)


Nominations should be submitted to the Gwenna Moss Centre at awards_gmctl@usask.ca as a single PDF document by February 15.


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