Registrarial Services

Supports registration, tuition and fee assessment, Course and Program Catalogue, academic program development, class build, room scheduling, exams, grades, transcripts, Convocation, non-credit and events registration.

Registrarial Services coordinates a wide variety of academic and administrative services supporting students, colleges, and departments at the University of Saskatchewan. These include:

  • overseeing the university's registration processes and dates
  • building and maintaining tuition and fee rules including manual adjustments
  • overseeing the management and maintenance of courses and classes, including automated prerequisites and the annual class build process
  • developing the final examination timetable and managing deferred and supplemental examinations
  • coordinating third party exam invigilation for students from other institutions
  • recording grades and faculty actions and producing transcripts
  • producing the Course and Program Catalogue
  • overseeing the development and implementation of new and revised academic programs
  • developing and producing the online Academic Calendar
  • organizing the Convocation ceremonies
  • scheduling of rooms and space across campus
  • building and maintaining conference and event registration


T: 306 966-6735

Exams Scheduling (Finals & Invigilation)
T: 306-966-6726

Exams Scheduling (Deferred and Supplemental)
T: 306-966-6740

T: 306-966-6740

Program and Course Catalogue
T: 306-966-1874

Registration, Class Build and Maintenance
T: 306-966-6979

T: 306-966-6752


Jason Doell
Manager and Associate Registrar (Academic)

Phil Hitchings (acting)
Senior Coordinator of Scheduling

Melissa Kyrejto
Catalogue Editor and Programs Analyst

Sonja MacDonald
Registration, Fees and Classes

Donna Madsen
Convocation, Fees and Tax Forms

Shirley Maruk
Conference, Event and Community Level Registration

Wendy Mathieu
Conference, Event and Community Level Registration

Gillian May
Coordinator of Registration and Convocation

Lynette Murza
Academic Programs Analyst and Special Projects

Donna Scott
Grades and Deferred Exams

Seanine Warrington
Senior Editor & Coordinator, Catalogue & Academic Programs