Transfer Credit

At least 20% of our students come to us with some prior post-secondary studies, or spend a year or a summer at another University in Canada or abroad working towards their University of Saskatchewan degree.

In Admissions, transfer credit staff (domestic and international) evaluate their records and translate their classes into University of Saskatchewan credits based on:

  • research
  • precedent
  • transfer credit agreements
  • advice from Departments and Colleges

We have amassed a considerable library of reference materials, but we do rely strongly on Departmental advice, particularly for assessing credit from technical institutes, bible Colleges and other non-University studies. 

Letters of Permission

Letters of permission are issued by Deans' offices to their students who wish to enrol in classes at another University for credit towards their University of Saskatchewan degrees. The letters indicate that the student is in good standing and has permission to attend the other University for a specified term or session, for credit back to the student's degree.

Normally the Letter of Permission also indicates the University of Saskatchewan equivalents for the classes to be taken at the other institution; this equivalency is normally determined in advance in consultation with the transfer credit evaluators, and a copy of the letter is kept on file in the Admissions office. 


Admissions and Transfer Credit

The Admissions and Transfer Credit office can advise on the format of LOP's and answer questions relating to tranfer credit.