The battle of Steele Narrows took place on June 3, 1885, and was the last engagement of the North-West Resistance. Often called the Battle of Loon Lake, it was an encounter between Steele’s Scouts, led by Sam Steele, and the Woods and Plains Cree warriors led by Big Bear. Steele’s advance party and the Cree were both surprised when they came upon each other at the Narrows. The Cree withdrew to an entrenched position on a hill overlooking the Narrows and, low in ammunition, Steele’s troops withdrew also. A peace delegation from the Cree camp approached Steele’s Scouts but was fired upon. A battle followed, where several Scouts were wounded and at least five Cree were killed. Today, Steele Narrows is a provincial historical site located approximately 10 km west of Loon Lake.

Lauren Black