The Pheasant’s Rump Nakota Reserve is located 10 km northwest of Kisbey and incorporates 7,966.5 ha of farmland, rolling hills, ravines, bush, and ponds. An adhesion to Treaty 4 was signed in 1876, and a reserve was granted in 1881. Agricultural development was hindered by a series of droughts and early frosts, but in 1887 samples of the band’s produce won many prizes at the Cannington and Carlyle fairs. The Pheasant’s Rump people entered the 1890s supplementing their income by freighting for settlers, cutting and selling cordwood, hauling timber, selling lime from their kiln, and making plough beams, sleds and collars. In 1898 Inspector Alex McGibbon was authorized to obtain a surrender of the Pheasant’s Rump Reserve through Section 39 of the Indian Act, and in 1901 the band was amalgamated onto the White Bear Reserve. In 1986 a Land Settlement Agreement was signed between the federal government and the descendants of the original band, who in 1990 were again recognized as a band. In 1992 land purchased under the Agreement was granted reserve status. In 2004 there were 343 registered band members, 149 of whom lived on reserve.

Christian Thompson