Until the Treaty Land Entitlement Act was enforced, the Mosquito Reserve included three bands: Mosquito Band #109, Lean Man Band #111, and Grizzly Bear’s Head Band #110. The Mosquito Band is a Nakota/Cree band located in the Eagle Hills south of North Battleford. Their land was acquired after Misketo became leader of the band previously under Little Chief, and signed an adhesion to Treaty 6 on August 29, 1878. The band settled on the reserve in 1879–80. Grizzly Bear’s Head originally signed Treaty 4 under Tepee Hoska at Cypress Hills in 1877, but migrated to the Battleford area after Tepee Hoska died in 1882. The bands merged in 1951. After signing an adhesion to Treaty 4, Lean Man settled in the Treaty 6 area south of Battleford in May 1882. The band’s population continuously declined, and by 1931 only one member remained; this person joined the Mosquito Grizzly Bear’s Head band. The Mosquito Reserve is approximately 9,297 ha in size and is situated 27 km south of North Battleford; while the Grizzly Bear’s Head and Lean Man Reserve covers 3,476 ha and is located 24 km south of North Battleford. The bands also share ownership of 3.3 ha in the city of North Battleford, home to the Gold Eagle Casino (1996). All three bands have one order of governance for their combined population of 1,165 members, 610 members of whom reside on reserve land. Community infrastructure includes a band office, band hall and resource centre, school, health clinic, utility building, gas station and convenience store, and an RCMP detachment office.

Christian Thompson