Margaret Cote-Lerat, born on August 2, 1950, was the first person in Saskatchewan to teach a First Nations language in a public school. She enjoyed a diverse work experience before her employment with the Indian Language Program of the Saskatchewan Indian Cultural College (1979), where she assisted in developing the Saulteaux language curriculum guides. After teaching at Brandon University and at the Kamsack Junior High School, Cote-Lerat joined the First Nations University of Canada in Regina. Her publications include Nahkawewin–Saulteaux, Ojibway Dialect of the Plains (1984), Nahkawewin Workbook, a Saulteaux Syllabics Book , sixteen children’s books (entitled Saulteaux Talking Books ), and a songbook (Anihsinape-Apinoci Nakamowinan: Children’s Saulteaux Songs and Nursery Rhymes). Cote-Lerat has translated stories for Pebble Beach Interactive Fiction Inc. (Saskatchewan Education), and aided by her parents has recorded lessons from “Nahkawewin” in Saulteaux and written First Edition Saulteaux Dictionary .

Christian Thompson