Muskeg Lake Cree Nation signed Treaty 6 on August 23, 1876, under Chief Peteynakey (Petequakay, Petequacay). They continued to live as they had done prior to treaty, and except for planting small plots of potatoes, they are noted for the great number of furs they sold to the Hudson’s Bay Company post in 1880. A 26,880-acre reserve was surveyed in 1881, with its southern boundary adjoining the Mistowasis Reserve. The reserve had hay lands, fertile soil, an abundance of water, and a good supply of spruce and poplar wood. In 1888 the Indian Agent documented that a number of band members were working for local settlers. Currently, their economic base includes agriculture, gaming, and many commercial developments (e.g., on urban reserve land in Saskatoon) under Creek Investments Limited (1993) and Aspen Development Incorporated. In 2004 this First Nation teamed with Canadian Magnetic Imaging to purchase and run an MRI clinic in Saskatoon. Community infrastructure includes a school, band office, fire hall, church, sports grounds, mechanic shop, resource centre, recreation centre, seniors’ centre, kitchen shelter, community health centre, and community maintenance outbuildings. The band currently has 9,722 ha of land; the largest and most settled portion is located 93 km north of Saskatoon.

Christian Thompson