Career Development and Employment Presentations

CareerTalks sessions are designed to provide session participants with career development and/or employment information and to assist them in making a successful transition from student to career professional. Sessions are typically 50 minutes long and encompass key learning objectives for participants.

Note: The SECC will collect student attendance and NSIDs at the presentation, and will follow up with attendees to provide additional resources and an online evaluation.



Select ONE presentation from the following, and up to one 15 minute add-on presentation, if desired.

1. Meet your SECC: If you are looking to introduce your students to career and employment services on campus, Meet Your SECC will provide them with an overview of what our office has to offer:

2. Exploration Phase: If your students are at an exploration phase and express uncertainty about their career path, they may benefit most from the following sessions (50 minutes each):

3. Transition to Employment: If your students are seeking assistance with the transition to employment, they may benefit most from the following sessions (50 minutes each):

Add-on presentations

We also have a couple of additional topic areas which can be added to any of the above-mentioned sessions. These sessions are 15 minutes in length:

Please contact the SECC at if you have any questions.