Internationalization: The Global Classroom


This short course is for faculty, sessional lecturers, graduate students and staff interested in internationalizing a course. Course internationalization involves a process of infusing international elements into course content, resources, and instructional methods, done with a culturally responsive orientation. 

Topics include setting the tone and intent of your course, creating internationalized learning outcomes, applying instructional strategies to infuse internationalization into your course, and discovering ways to provide equity in a course for all learners, to include international students. 

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Reflect on personal power and position 
  • Lay the groundwork for open and healthy dialogue among your students 
  • Identify ways to access students' cultural capital in your courses 
  • Create one or more internationalized learning outcomes for a course 
  • Apply a discursive strategy to infuse internationalization into a course 


Certificate in University Teaching and Learning Connections: 

  • 1.2.2  -I value perspectives and worldviews different than my own 
  • 1.3.1  -I use strategies to encourage and foster open and healthy dialogue among my students 
  • 2.1.1  -I create outcomes that are active and have all three parts 
  • 2.2.2  -I design to engage diverse learners 


Duration5 hours synchronous and 3 hours asynchronous (independent work done in Canvas)



Next offering will be in Fall 2022.

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