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Assessment Short Course


The Assessment Short Course supports you in designing a major assessment for a remote course.  You’ll clarify your learning outcomes and the best way to learn and assess them remotely. You will design an assessment task and learn how to plan formative assessment related to it, so you aren’t teaching to the remote void.  This course can be used towards Teaching Certification with GMCTL for faculty members. 

Charter Connections:

This course addresses these Educator Commitments from our Learning Charter:

  • AF 3.1 Provide a clear indication of what is expected of students in a course or learning activity, and what students can do to be successful in achieving the expected learning outcomes as defined in the course outline
  • AF 3.2 Ensure that assessments of learning are transparent, applied consistently and are congruent with learning outcomes

Teaching Certification Connections: 

  • Essential Teaching Competency 2:  Designs courses appropriately and teaches them effectively  
    • Design courses with curricular alignment
    • Articulate how we learn, including taxonomy and process
    • Create outcomes that are active, and use verb, content, context
    • Use effective instructional approaches given the outcomes, context, and learners 
    • Provide students with prompt and constructive feedback on their learning (during)
  • Essential Teaching Competency 3:  Assesses appropriately given the course outcomes 
    • Alignment 
      • Select assessment strategies (formative and summative) aligned to a self-generated outcome 
      • Design tools (formative and summative) that effectively assess self-generated outcomes
    • Elicit evidence of specific student understanding
      • Generates test and assignments that are appropriate measures of student learning 

Timing: 3 sessions, 1.5 hours each.  


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