Power and Privilege


Welcome to this module on colonization, whiteness, power and privilege. All these concepts are interrelated when it comes to understanding the past and current state of Indigenous peoples in Saskatchewan, and in Canada. Learning about the history of Canada from an Indigenous perspective is the first step in coming to a deeper understanding of Indigenous issues. The second step is to become aware of the effects of colonialism at the societal level, at the institutional level and at the personal level.

Change begins at the personal level, when what we know and what we believe has shifted. Thus the intent of this module is to create the opportunity for you to develop your knowledge and awareness of how colonialism, power and privilege has benefited or harmed your life. It is the hope that when you understand the effects of these systems, you will then be in a space to advocate for change at the institutional and societal levels.

The information in this module begins with an exploration into colonialism in its broadest understanding of colonizing a new territory, then foraying into the deeper, often hidden effects of long-term colonization on Indigenous peoples. The concepts of whiteness, power and privilege will be explained, with examples of real life stories being brought in to elucidate the concepts.

By the end of this module you should:
  1. Be able to explain what colonization is and how it has affected Indigenous peoples in the past and the present.
  2. Be able to recognize how whiteness, power and privilege has had an impact on your life, either positive or negative.
  3. Be able and willing to become a change agent for creating a better world through understanding, defending and advocating.