Chapter 6

A Solemn Undertaking

The Office of the Treaty Commissioner (OTC) is an independent not-for-profit organization created by the Federation of Saskatchewan Indians and the Government of Canada. The scope of the Office is limited to Saskatchewan. The Office is mandated to foster dialogue and promote change and prosperity for First Nations people and all Canadians through treaty implementation.

The Office of the Treaty Commissioner has three mandates:

  1. To facilitate treaty discussions;
  2. To build social harmony through education about treaties and First Nations people; and
  3. To advance the First Nations treaty right to livelihood and economic prosperity.

The OTC has remarkable human resources in their Elders and Speakers Bureau, and has also produced a plethora of educational materials and resources, many of which we use in this module. Below, we share their video, A Solemn Undertaking, that summarizes some understandings of  the treaty process. The video is approximately 13 minutes long.

A Solemn Undertaking from OTC on Vimeo.

Note: This video requires Flash and will not play on some devices.

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