Student Information Systems

Maintains and evolves the university’s student information systems.

Student Information Systems is offering remote services. In line with federal and provincial requirements regarding COVID-19 prevention, and supporting the university’s decision to close the campus, Student Information Systems staff are working remotely and can provide assistance by email.

The Student Information Systems (SIS) unit maintains and evolves the university’s student information systems.

SIS supports the Teaching, Learning and Student Experience portfolio and the campus community in the collection, storage, and retrieval of student data. The unit is a partner in providing academic and administrative staff with distributed access to up-to-date information about students – information that is used to ensure student success and in academic and institutional planning. SIS also collaborates with other administrative and technology professionals to deliver real-time, 24-hour, web-based services directly to students, including admissions, registration, grades and transcripts, and fee payment. Additionally, SIS provides business analysis services to help units make processes more efficient and consistent across campus.

Students with questions about the Student Information Systems, including registration, transcripts, admissions, etc. should contact Student Central for support, or the ICT Service Desk if they have technical issues.

Training for SiRIUS Plus

To request training for SiRIUS Plus, please e-mail with your name, NSID, and the services on which you require training. If the access and training required is the same as other staff member(s) in your area, please identify the person or people in your e-mail request.

Please have the appropriate authority (Dean, Associate/Assistant Dean, Department Head, or Manager) send an e-mail to to request that access be granted to you after you have received training. Where necessary, support personnel will contact you to confirm the access you require. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to you once access has been granted.

No formal training is required for SiRIUS Plus query access, SiRIUS self-service access (e.g. Advisor, Grade Entry, or Grade Approval), or for rePortal access (e.g. Administrative and Advisor reports). An overview of the query screens and rePortal use will be included with your other training, if possible.