Teaching and Learning

"The moments of the class must belong to the student—not the students, but to the very undivided student. You don’t teach a class. You teach a student."

- Ken Bain, What the Best College Teachers Do

Countless hours are spent...

Creating slides

Planning learning activities

Grappling with the latest technology

Designing assessments

This website is intended as a resource to instructors and staff at the University of Saskatchewan. If you are a student, visit students.usask.ca for a comprehensive directory of services and programs available to you. If you wish to become a student, visit one of our prospective students' websites:

There is help available

For example...

Ryan can help you incorporate learning technologies into your teaching practice.

Susan can help you redesign a program's curriculum and access funding.

Stryker can support a department in exploring Indigenous knowledges, languages, cultures and governance.

These are just a few of the staff members dedicated to supporting instructors and students within the Teaching, Learning, and Student Experience portfolio.


If you want to redesign your curriculum

Upcoming events and workshops