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Celebration Week

April 24 - 28

Sharing, Celebrating, and Reflecting on Teaching Practices.

Frequently offered courses

  • Transforming Teaching  One-term course for "newer" faculty members who are interested in exploring, with their peers, the principles, skills, and issues in higher education teaching.

  • Introduction to Teaching Online  5 week, non-credit course provides instructors with information and ideas for teaching online or hybrid environment

  • Course Design Institute An intensive course design workshop that helps walk any instructor who is designing or redesigning a course through an innovative course design process.

  • Reflective Teaching Portfolio Short Course For faculty, staff and graduate student teachers who want to develop a teaching portfolio that is intended to foster reflection on teaching experiences to improve learning.

  • Instructional Skills Workshop An internationally recognized 4-day workshop on teaching practice.

  • University Teaching Basics Certificate Participants will be introduced to a variety of Teaching Strategies, Planning Approaches, Assessment Ideas, and Reflective Practice Techniques.

GMCTL Celebration Week

The GMCTL Celebration Week series of sessions are organized by the GMCTL and aim to enhance and celebrate your teaching practice in a variety of ways. The series includes the Celebration of Teaching event, innovative teaching showcases, interactive workshops, and gatherings tailored to specific groups or interests.

Graduate Students

Many of the courses and workshops listed above are offered to graduate students but the GMCTL also offers workshops, non-credit courses and resources specifically for graduate students.