Master Teacher Award

Awarded twice annually, at spring and fall convocation, the Master Teacher Award represents the highest level of recognition of teaching excellence at the University of Saskatchewan. 

Nomination Deadlines: Nominations must be submitted by February 15 and August 15 each year. 

Provost's Outstanding Teaching Awards

Provost's College Awards

The Provost’s College Awards for Outstanding Teaching annually recognize an outstanding teacher in each College at the University of Saskatchewan.

Nomination Deadlines: Nominations for the Provost's College Awards must be submitted to each college by February 1. Each college adjudicates these nominations, then must submit the successful nomination to by February 15. 

Provost's Themed Awards

The Provost's Themed Teaching Awards are under revision. Updated criteria and terms of reference for the 2018 awards will be announced in early November with the call for nominations. 

To see a list of past recipients of the Provost's Themed Awards, please follow the link below.

Sylvia Wallace Sessional Lecturer Award

The Sylvia Wallace Sessional Lecturer Award annually recognizes the important and essential contribution of sessional lecturers to the University of Saskatchewan's teaching community. The Sylvia Wallace Award recipient is announced annually at the spring Celebration of Teaching.

Nomination Deadlines: Nominations for the award must be submitted to by February 15.

Provost's Prize and Project Grant

Proposal Deadline: The deadline for Prize and Grant proposals is August 31 each year.

Curriculum Innovation Fund

As part of the PCIP-funded Curriculum Innovation Initiative, this fund is available for academic units to support curriculum innovation projects. The GMCTL administers this fund of approximately $250,000 per year for 2012 to 2016.

National and International

Teachers at the U of S are eligible under most circumstances to apply for the following national and international teaching awards. If you are interested in nominating an exceptional teacher, visit the following pages for more information or contact the GMCTL to discuss nominations and awards.