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Teaching and Learning Today 2018: Building Champions and Allies for Open and Indigenizing Pedagogies

The University of Saskatchewan's Teaching and Learning Today (TLT) conference will focus on two of the most important paradigm shifts in higher education across Canada, indigenizing and opening academia. While these two initiatives may seem divergent, there exist many points of intersection. While each area will be explored independently throughout the two days, these intersections will be a key focus for collective exploration.

While the conference will consider the theory that guides practices in these areas, we invite you to focus your proposal on the practicalities of developing and implementing open (including open educational resources and pedagogy) and indigenization pedagogies at your institution. In addition, we invite those considering the future of this work to share their developing vision and strategy in moving this work forward. The design of the conference is intended to inform attendees and support considerations of these paradigm shifts at postsecondary institutions. In light of this, we are calling on all academics, scholars, and community members who have experience and understanding about either of these two initiatives to submit a proposed presentation in one of the following four categories:

  1. Getting Started With Open and/or Indigenizing Initiatives
  2. Supporting Allies and Champions of Open and/or Indigenization
  3. Moving Forward / Sustaining Open and/or Indigenization
  4. Next Steps / Future Aspirations for Open and/or Indigenization

If you are interested and able to contribute to this conference with a 45-minute session on one of the four developmental categories in open, indigenization, or an intersecting point between these two initiatives, please submit your proposal by [EXTENDED] December 7th. There may be opportunity for you to contribute a recording of your session and associated resources with a CC license to a conference website, intended to serve as the start of a learning platform for individuals promoting, supporting or leading open or indigenization efforts in post secondary education.

Our inter-institutional advisory committee will review and send invitations to accepted presenters by February 2nd, 2018.

Please note that space for this conference is limited and priority for registration will be given to individuals or groups presenting. Please consider sharing your plan, work in progress or aspirations in these two exciting and challenging areas of development for Higher Education!

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Please submit any questions or thoughts about the conference to:

Heather Ross
Educational Developer,
Digital Pedagogies
Stryker Calvez
Indigenous Education Initiatives
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