About the fund

The Curriculum Innovation Fund (CIF) is a University of Saskatchewan strategic fund intended to provide academic units with support for innovative curriculum projects. The Gwenna Moss Centre for Teaching and Learning (GMCTL) administers this fund.

Curriculum projects supported

For program-level development or change:

  • the fund supports faculty and leaders in developing a group of courses or a program,
  • the fund supports addressing the questions and common challenges that arise in the curriculum development cycle,
  • applications for funding are accepted for individual projects related to program-level development.

For course-level development or change, there are supports like the Course Design Institute to aide individual faculty members in course design. Individual course development or change is not funded through the CIF.

What is important in a program-level development application?

  • Projects supported by the fund have a curricular focus - changing or developing the content or methods of a collection of credit bearing courses.
  • New or revised curricula should focus on improving the student experience, with preference given to proposals that address identified institutional priorities, including: Experiential learning, Indigenous education and Internationalization. 
  • A plan for implementation of some innovative practice in the curriculum, preferably connected to identified institutional priorities. 
  • Strong commitment by the department/college to the initiative (or colleges/departments if an interdisciplinary initiative). 
  • A commitment of a lead person or team of people (whether disciplinary or interdisciplinary) to see the project through to implementation. 
  • A detailed budget with appropriate expense related to the intent of the fund.

Funding Allocation Process

How the fund can be used?

Every proposed project that generally meets the requirements above will be supported to some extent, at minimum through advice and consultation with GMCTL staff. Successful applications receive funding to offset direct costs associated with curriculum or program development. Multiple applications, over 1-2 years, for distinct stages of a larger overall curriculum project may be considered.

It is anticipated that academic units will use the resources made available through the Curriculum Innovation Fund to support such things as:

  • Development of curriculum (salary) 
  • Assessment or evaluation of existing curricula 
  • Consultation with stakeholders, or stakeholder involvement (payment for travel, time to meet) 
  • Environmental scans and literature reviews 
  • Needs assessment activities 
  • Faculty retreats 
  • Curriculum Mapping support 
  • Administrative support (major projects only) 
  • Subject matter experts (major projects only)

Please Note: The Curriculum Innovation Fund is not intended to fund research projects. While it is anticipated that units may include requests to support program evaluation work related to their curriculum, those requests will be supported from this fund only as related to the development or ongoing renewal of curriculum at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

What is the Application and Selection process?

Stage 1 - Contact GMCTL to discuss your initial ideas and what is within the scope of the fund.

Stage 2 – Complete the application

  • The Program Development CIF proposal form is available as a downloadable word document 
  • Seek written support from Department Head, Dean, and/or Associate Dean Academic and include it with your application
  • Applications and letters of support are to be submitted by email attachment to curriculum_fund@usask.ca
  • Applications may be submitted at any time. There is no deadline for applications.

Stage 3 – Selection

Applications move through a two-stage selection process. You may be contacted during the first stage for clarification regarding your application. Review times vary based on the size of the project, budget and completeness of the original application. For a smaller, complete application, an outcome can be expected within 3-4 weeks. For larger projects, a decision may take 6-8 weeks. Decisions are made by the Director of Teaching and Learning Enhancement and/or the Vice Provost Teaching, Learning and Student Experience.

Successful applicants will be notified by e-mail and fund transfer details and reporting requirements will be included in that notification.

Successul applicants will be expected to complete the CIF Final Report upon completion of the project.

Getting Help

Curriculum Innovation Fund

Curriculum Development and Innovation

Gwenna Moss Centre for Teaching and Learning (GMCTL) has staff capacity to support various curriculum development initiatives being undertaken by programs, departments, and colleges.