USask has selected a new Learning Management System (LMS) vendor, Canvas, to support our campus community with an improved student learning experience consistent with our principles.  The move to Canvas will also provide faculty with improved efficiency and new features. Blackboard Learn will continue to be available for up to the next two years (2022), after which Canvas will act as the core USask LMS.

Canvas performs all of major functions of an LMS, such as posting your learning materials (readings, videos, syllabus), collecting and grading assignments, social learning via discussions and collaborations, and active learning via surveys and quizzes.

Blackboard Learn

Every course automatically has a corresponding Blackboard Learn course associated with it. This is a good place to post your syllabus, assignments, notes and other learning resources. Blackboard will be replaced by Canvas over the next two years (2022).
Blackboard Learn has additional features, including:
  • online Assignment Submission tool, including Inline Grading and Annotations
  • online Grade Centre
  • online Testing and Quizzing (multiple choice, true/false, short answer, more)
  • online Discussion Boards
  • Open CourseWare ( allows you to easily share your course materials with the general public

Academic Video Powered by Panopto

The academic video service engages students and enhances instruction by enabling the capture and sharing of video content throughout the teaching, learning, and discovery experience. Panopto, a cloud-enabled service, powers the University of Saskatchewan’s Academic Video service. Integrated with the Blackboard learning management system, recordings are viewable by eligible users on most Web browsers and mobile devices.

Academic Video allows instructors to:

  • Record and live-webcast your lecture, seminar or presentation
  • Create Personal Recordings
  • Record and upload video content from mobile devices
  • Perform simple editing of recordings
  • Assign and collect Student Video Assignments
  • Share and publish content

Web Conferencing (WebEx)

Instructors and students have access to the Webex conferencing suite. It may be used for a variety of virtual events from one-on-one meetings to teaching classes. As an instructor you can use it for virtual office hours. You may also encourage your students to use it to help alleviate potential difficulties with getting together to work on group projects.

Riipen Project-Based Learning Platform

Riipen is available to be used by instructors in any course looking to incorporate experiential learning via work-integrated learning, community-engaged learning, placements, internships, or practica. It can be used to streamline existing partnerships and to find new ones locally, nationally, and internationally. It provides an all-in-one platform for connecting, communicating, sharing documents, and managing deadlines between stakeholders (instructors, students, and community/industry partners).


A private space for students to store and share their work and reflection that is not tied to a course, but rather belongs to them so long as they are registered as a student or alumni at the UofS.

WordPress Blogs

Every instructor and student has access to his or her own personal WordPress blog hosted by the university. Many instructors include blogging assignments as part of student course work.


Every instructor and student has access to university-supported wikis. Wikis allow you to share and collaboratively manage documentation and other information in easily editable online locations. The wikis can be public or private to the members. Instructors may set up a wiki space as a place for instructors and students to collaborate on and share resources.

Individual File Sharing and Storage (OneDrive)

OneDrive is Microsoft's cloud storage solution that is available to University of Saskatchewan students, staff, and faculty. OneDrive connects you to your files - allowing you to store, protect, share, and access files from anywhere on any device.

Online Training

Instructors and students have access to free and unlimited online training videos from LinkedIn Learning. You can use this resource to learn various skills, such as how to use Excel or Photoshop. As an instructor you may also direct students to it to learn necessary skills for your course.

Virtual Computer Lab

Instructors and students can access much of the computer lab licensed software (ie. SPSS, MATLAB, R) remotely from home or on campus.

Classroom Equipment

You can learn about equipment and technology available in classrooms and lecture rooms in our buildings.