We are no longer accepting funding applications at this time.
This initiative saw nearly 100 college based projects receive funding, providing needed support to faculty and instructors in undertaking or planning for remote teaching. 
Over $200,000 was put in the hands of graduate students through employment.  
We would like to thank everyone who allocated APEF/DSAE funds to this initiative. All funds allocated centrally and through APEF/DSAE will be used to employ graduate students contributing to teaching and learning activities.


The University made emergency funds available to employ graduate students to support remote teaching. The Gwenna Moss Centre for Teaching and Learning administered these funds on behalf of the institution, in alignment with other strategic funds (e.g., curriculum innovation and experiential learning) and in partnership with the College of Graduate Postdoctoral Studies.

The purpose of this short-term special fund was to provide graduate students experiencing financial hardships with employment opportunities. Additionally, the fund provided faculty and instructors with assistance in undertaking or preparing for remote teaching in light of the university's COVID-19 response.


If you have questions regarding the Remote Teaching SA Support initiative, please email us.

How can I get involved to support this fund too?

Supporting students from your professional development fund 

As a way of helping to support our students during these challenging times, faculty and staff who have either an Accountable Professional Expense Fund (APEF) or a Department and Senior Administrator Expense (DSAE) account can choose to reallocate unneeded funds from their account to emergency student grants or graduate student support funds.

Contributing is a personal choice and will require your supervisor's approval. Contributions can be completed through the ConnectionPoint reallocation form. Please contact ConnectionPoint if you have additional questions about the program. Any contribution you can make at this point will be greatly appreciated and have a lasting impact on our students.