The University has made emergency funds available to employ graduate students to support remote teaching. The Gwenna Moss Centre for Teaching and Learning is administering these funds on behalf of the institution, in alignment with other strategic funds (e.g., curriculum innovation and experiential learning) in partnership with the College of Graduate Postdoctoral Studies.


The purpose of this short-term special fund is to provide graduate students who are experiencing extenuating financial hardships with employment opportunities during these exceptional times. Additionally, the fund will provide faculty and instructors with assistance in undertaking or preparing for remote teaching in light of the university's COVID-19 response. This fund is not intended to supplement courses that have adequate teaching/student assistants or alternate sources of support already in place.

What type of activities can a Student Assistant (SA) funded in this way undertake?

All activities need to be related to teaching and learning. Graduate student SAs hired with these funds can support an instructor in:

  • course delivery (support an instructor in remote facilitation of learning, provision of feedback, marking, etc.), and 
  • course development related to preparation for alternate/remote delivery, primarily in Fall 2020 academic year.


Applications for support will be accepted from April 14 until closure of the fund (expected to be until the funds are exhausted or August 2020). While there is no specific deadline for submissions, it is important to note that there will be three key points where hiring of graduate students and matching with roles will take place to align with our graduate student recruitment processes. As such, aligning funding submissions with these dates will enable a more rapid filling of the proposed role(s). 

Key dates

 Key student hiring dates: (please check back periodically as this information may shift if demand changes)

  • The first call for Graduate Student Assistant applications, closed on April 21st. If another call for student assistants is made, it will be no sooner than May 19, 2020 and will be broadly communicated to graduate students through CGPS and GSA, as well as being posted on USask Careers.

Funding applications submitted by faculty and instructors will be reviewed as they are received. Please note that an incomplete funding application will result in review and approval delay. If you are uncertain about what should be included please contact the GMCTL team via and someone will be happy to advise you as you complete your application.

Review and approval process

  1. The Remote Teaching SA fund application form is available as a downloadable word document
  2. Seek written support from Department Head, Dean, and/or Associate Dean Academic and include it with your application
  3. Submit by email attachment to
Applications for support may be submitted at any time by instructors and faculty.

An initial review will be undertaken by the GMCTL and additional information and/or clarification of information will be sought, if needed. Please note this need for clarification will slow the review process so please seek support or clarification if needed from in advance of submission.

A review will be conducted with oversight of the TLSE and CGPS considering:

  • Evidence of need/rationale for the SA role(s) to advance remote teaching and learning activities
  • Fit of proposed SA duties with remote teaching and learning needs
  • Clear and reasonable SA hours/budget request in line with need and SA duties outlined
  • Receipt of support from college/department level leader
  • Agreement to participate in remote supervision training and support graduate student completion of professional development in remote teaching support
The GMCTL, with colleagues in Human Resource Advisory Services, is managing a process of recruiting student assistants. Once a project is approved:
  1. Qualified graduate students who have applied will be matched to the role(s) outlined in your application. 
  2. Matched graduate students will be sent to the project lead and/or employment supervisor for approval prior to a job offer being made.
  3. Once a match is approved by the GMCTL and the lead/employment supervisor a job offer will be generated and sent to the graduate student(s) by HR.
  4. On receipt of the job offer acceptance, the graduate student’s employment will be established by HR, including designation of the appropriate employment supervisor (as indicated in the application) and the salary funding source (GMCTL fund).
  5. A pre-employment meeting will take place between the GMCTL, employment supervisor, and the SA to review job duties, timeline, and to discuss the particular support needs of the employment supervisor and/or the SA. Additional information on requirements for reporting and approval of hours, bi-weekly check ins, etc. will be provided to the SA and employment supervisor before or during the pre-employment meeting. 
  6. The SA will participate in the paid remote teaching professional development 
  7. The employment supervisor will complete the remote employee supervision session offered through the GMCTL
  8. Employment will commence 


Do you have questions regarding the application process or the information required to complete your application? Ready to submit your application?