Support with using Panopto for instructional videos

Panopto provides instructors and students with simple and easy-to-use tools to record, edit, manage and distribute video content. It can be used for instructional videos, student video assignment submissions, and much more. Recordings are viewable by eligible users on most web browsers and mobile devices.

How do I install Panopto Recorders? - Review this Knowledge Base article for different scenarios.

If you prefer to not install Panopto on your computer, you may also record using the new web-browser based recorder called Panopto Capture.

Recording a video using Panopto is a straightforward process of opening the application and selecting your video and audio inputs. Once complete, the video is automatically stored within your course folder.

Note: this video shows the process on an Apple computer. The Panopto window looks slightly different on a PC running Windows.

Getting Started with Panopto in Canvas


To post these videos after you record them, we recommend embedding your videos in a Canvas page to mitigate technical difficulties for your students. See the video below to see how to do this.


Other Useful Panopto Features

Panopto has a built in editor to make basic cuts to your video. This can be helpful to cut off any extra time off the start or end of your video. It can also be used to edit out unnecessary content from the middle of your videos.

Note: One nice feature of editing within Panopto is that any edits you make can be undone. If you accidentally edit out too much, you can easily get it back!

Captions may help your students better learn from and engage with video content. Panopto automatically creates closed captioning for videos. These must be imported by the video creator (usually the instructor or TA). Only then will viewers be able to toggle Closed Captioning on and off. The automatic captions are typically around 80% accurate, so please review before posting.

As students view the videos, they can use the Discussion feature in Panopto to ask questions. The instructor and other students can see and respond to these questions. The questions can also be downloaded to be read and responded to outside of Panopto.
If students have slower internet connections or may need to access the videos while offline, you can turn on the ability for students to download .mp4 files of your videos.
If you want to share videos via email or embed videos in a webpage, you access these options through the Share button for your video or folder.
Students can also use Panopto to create and/or submit video assignments. There are a few different options for how to do this. For assistance with this, please contact
If there are videos from a previous offering of the course that you would like to use in a current or new offering of the course you can move videos between Panopto folders. For assistance with this, please contact
If you have videos from a different course or accidentally recorded your video in the wrong place, you can easily Copy or Move your videos to a different folder.

Panopto videos can be recorded directly on a mobile device. For support on this topic, please see this article by Panopto.