Masking Policy - Winter 2022

Supporting adherence to the required masking policy at USask in teaching spaces

Masking is mandatory for faculty, staff and students in all indoor spaces, including classrooms, laboratories and hallways. Eating and drinking (with the exception of water) are prohibited in teaching spaces. 

Instructors dealing with unmasked students in their classes or labs are encouraged to follow the four Rs:


Remind students that masking is mandatory and request that they don a mask if they wish to remain in class (having a small supply of masks on hand just in case is encouraged).


Request that anyone unwilling to adhere to the masking requirement leave the classroom.

Remove Yourself

Remove yourself (and dismiss other students) from the room if one or more students continue to refuse to either wear a mask or leave the room voluntarily to avoid placing yourself and others in an unsafe situation. Do not attempt to forcibly expel a student from the room yourself or continue with your class with unmasked people in the room.


Report the incident to the Associate Dean Students/Academic (or Executive Director in a School). A protocol is being developed to ensure that such disruptions will not reoccur. To minimize disruption to your class, it is prudent to prepare a contingency plan in case a single lecture or class activity is disrupted in this way (e.g., posting of recorded lectures or activity, if available).

A similar procedure is recommended for all instances when encountering unmasked people within an indoor university  space (i.e., Remind, Request, Remove yourself, and Report). In non-classroom instances, reports should go to one’s supervisor or unit leader.

Use this PowerPoint slide if you would like to add the four Rs information for students into your course slides.